General Plan Will Be on November Ballot

The Mayor and Council on Tuesday unanimously adopted Plan Tucson - the City of Tucson General and Sustainability Plan 2013 - which will effectively refer the plan to the November 5, 2013 ballot. If approved by voters in November, Plan Tucson will become the City of Tucson’s new General Plan.

Plan Tucson is the City’s proposed replacement to the current General Plan approved by voters in 2001.  Arizona State Law requires municipalities to adopt a new or existing plan once every 10 years.  The General Plan is a long-term policy document intended to provide a vision and future direction for the City, such as economic development, historic preservation, housing, water and energy resources and transportation and land use. The desire for Tucson to become a more sustainable community was a consistent theme during the Plan’s development.

Plan Tucson is the result of an extensive public participation process that has been conducted over the past two years and was comprised of more than 60 public meetings, over 30 on-request presentations, five Planning Commission public meetings and one Mayor and Council public hearing.

The Mayor and Council-approved Plan Tucson is now available for viewing at The plan reflects staff recommendations
for revisions approved by the Planning Commission. The recommendations for revisions were based largely on more than 800 comments provided by approximately 100 commenters representing agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the general public.