The Public Input Report uses a spreadsheet to track input received from the public, the actions taken by the project team, and resolutions achieved.  The table below organizes the digital documentation of the input received, and responses given, and, if needed, substantive technical responses.


Spreadsheet:   Full Report (6/20/2012 - 02/21/2014)

                        Current Update Report (2/05/14-2/21/2014)

Newest items received have bolded index number in the spreadsheet report and in the table below.


Indexed Table of Input Received

Phone call conversation with representative from the Church of Latter Day Saints at 105 N. Norton Ave. to share information about the demolition of 2419 E. Broadway being planned, and clarifying the schedule and scope for the current planning and design process for Broadway 



Email exchange regarding upcoming CTF Design Charrette (2/25-3/7) and concerns about the meeting location, meeting format, and Open Meeting Law.


Research regarding whether planned small group meeting format planned for part of the Charrette will meet Open Meeting Law requirements.

Email forwarding link to article regarding Salt Lake City downtown street being too wide

Article:  Why Does This Street Have So Many Lanes?



Email regarding another segment of Broadway, Project 29 - Broadway: Camino Seco to Houghton, and what the timeframe for that project is.



Email regarding the Future of Places 2014 Conference, being held in Buenos Aires



Email of comments and requested changes to the Economic Development White Paper developed by Ben Sigman and Jason Moody from Economic & Planning Systems, Inc.


Response to requests and comments to be developed (requires meeting with EPS staff and project team)

Request for printed copy of reports distributed at 2/6/2014 CTF meeting  

Reports are online, as materilas at the 2/6/14 CTF meeting and as project Documents and Studies

    Sidewalk-Only Report (2/6/14)

    Minimizing Acquisitions due to Loss of Parking and Access Report (2/6/14)



Request for printed copy of reports distributed at 2/6/2014 CTF Meeting



Email/call with property owner near 2419 E. Broadway (2435 E. Broadway) 



Email/call with property owner near 2419 E. Broadway (2311 E. Broadway)



Email forwarding link to an article

Article:  Peak Shopping and Decline of Traditional Retail



Email/drop-in visit with business owner near 2419 E. Broadway to provide information about the impending demolition, and give information about the project schedule and work to review scope



2/19/14 PowerPoint presentation to Miles Neighborhood Association



EMail regarding requests to improve the appearance of City-owned property at 2445 E. Broadway



Email forwarding guest opinion submitted by Broadway Citizens Task Force member regarding demolition of former Panda Buffet property to the Mayor and Council members of Wards 3 and 6

    Guest opinion submittal by Joseph Maher, Jr., AIA


Email expressing concern about widening Broadway and forwarding a study about how adding roads and/or lanes does not help reduce congestion 

    "The Fundamental Law of Road
Congestion: Evidence from US cities",
from the University of Toronto, published in 2010

Technical review by project team members will be requested.
135 Email forwarding link to Planetizen article on "How Should We Measure Traffic Congestion"
134 Email from Broadway project manager to Citizens Task Force and project team members about Arizona Daily Star article on the demolition of the former Panda Buffet property
Follow-up needed in the form of communications to project area property owners and businesses
133 Email from Citizens Task Force member with link to Atlantic Cities Monthly article on Stroads
132 Email supporting both the Broadway original design and the Downtown Links project
131 Email from property owner on Broadway requesting project timeline and design decision information
130 Email regarding posting of Citizens Task Force agenda online (materials not found)
129 Email forwarding link to LA Times article about Pasadena's Colorado Boulevard road diet
128 Email regarding posting of Citizens Task Force agenda
127 Email from Gene Caywood, Southern Arizona Transit Advocates member, regarding possible approach to a transit study on Broadway

     Suggested Broadway transit study scope
Technical response required
126 Email from Barrio San Antonio neighborhood resident against widening of Broadway

Update presentation to Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee by Broadway CTF representative Naomi McIsaac

     Copy of articles from Broadway CTF member Colby Henley regarding bicycle facilities, parking, economic impacts on businesses, and programs


Email forwarding Wall Street Journal article regarding decline in carpooling rates and increases in driving solo (11-4-13)

    PAG Travel Survey Responses data

    EMail summarizing data research results for Pima / Tucson Region Commuters

Forwarded to technical team for their review and consideration in the analysis
123 Request for project information and information for 2545 E Broadway (and additional information forwarded)  

Email from CTF member requesting information previously forwarded be included in upcoming Public Input Report

     Journal of Transport Geography article regarding Level of Service

121 Comment Card  

Request to update the project's Historic Buildings Inventory Report reflect the listing of the Rincon Heights Historic District properties and information


119 Request for copy of the Citizens Task Force's consensus-based decision making model  
118 Letter from Sam Hughes Neighborhood Association in support of improvements to Broadway only within the existing right-of-way Response

Draft Report:  September 26, 2013 Planning Update and Community Workshop (v. 11/18/13)

   Appendix (v. 11/06/13)

116 Email providing a suggestion for potential roadway width and alignment  

Email forwarding link to TED talk from Janette Sadik Khan



Email forwarding link to online article/video regarding Dutch Pedestrian Islands



Email against the widening, and suggestion that if the project moves forward, to restrict alcohol-serving establishments

112 Comment that online public input report is out of date  
111 (accidental duplication of item #107)  
110 Email regarding 2040 projections (current), and the work being done on the 2045/2050 projections at PAG (expected completion in 12-18 mons.)  
109 Letter from El Encanto Estates Homeowners Association requesting specific information Response
108 Letter from Rincon Heights Neighborhood Association requesting specific information Response
107 Comment Card  
106 Letter from Arroyo Chico Neighborhood Association requesting specific information Response
105 Email forwarding link to online article on "Beginning of the End for Level of Service"  

Email from project manager to Citizens Task Force regarding potential media attention to memo from Pima County Administrator Huckelberry

    10/2/13 Memo


103 Subscribe  
102 Comments and input regarding small group exercises at the 9/26/13   
101 Forwarding link to Urban University Interface blog regarding Broadway project
100 Public comment regarding Broadway Project design and 9/26/13 public workshop  

Information about research conducted in England regarding walkability and economic development;

Southern Arizona Transit Advocates (SATA) statements regarding the Broadway project design

98 Public comments about project design forwarded by CTF member  
97 Email forwarding link to Arizona Daily Star Op Ed for Broadway Project in Sept. 15, 2013 issue  
96 Subscribe  
95 Project information provided to business (Azteca Tucson 14)
   Historic Property Inventory Form
94 Email to Broadway CTF with link to online RTA CART Meeting audio and materials for July 31, 2013 meeting
RTA CART Committee web page
PAG Executive Director Selection
93 Comment Card - support for widening  
92 Comment Card - support for widening  

Request to provide Broadway CTF with documents handed out by Broadway Coalition at 7/25/13 CTF Meeting.


  Sense of Place

90 Request to provide Broadway CTF with copy of Call to the Audience statement by Broadway Coalition member Laura Tabili at 7/25/13 CTF Meeting regarding cross sections
89 Request to provide copy of project budget to Broadway CTF, and statement of an underlying question whether County bond funds are still going to be contributed to the project.
   2011 contract budget
8/15/13 Email response from Jenn Toothaker Burdick:
  See Public Input Report Item 20
  See Public Input Report Item 14
  City of Tucson adopted FY2014-2018 Capital Improvement Budget table, "Projects with Pima County Bond Funding"
88 Request for public meeting information (CTF meeting dates; community meeting possibly Sept. 5 or Sept. 26)  
87 Project information provided to property owner (Chase Bank)
   Historic Property Inventory Form
86 Comments from Broadway CTF member Shirley Kurc Papuga regarding timing/phasing of future High Capacity Transit on Broadway; possibility of streetcar extension Comments discussed at July 25, 2013 CTF Meeting
85 Letter from Broadway Coalition member JD Garcia to TDOT Deputy Director Carlos de Leon regarding presentation to Broadway CTF on future High Capacity Transit on Broadway (Response pending)
84 Forwarded link to blog about challenges to pedestrians and cyclists crossing urban arterials in Indianapolis, IN and questions about CTF replacement appointments  
83 Forwarded link to online article on L.A.'s Broadway road diet  
82 Request for Project Information  
81 Responses to clarification of project process  
80 Clarification of project process related to statements made in June 14, 2013 guest opinion regarding Broadway project  
79 Support for a future streetcar extension along Broadway  

Request to share Broadway Coalition's response to Draft Performance Measure Assessment      


CTF Member's Request for Information regarding 5/22/13 RTA CART Meeting

Response from RTA CART Member Doug Mance
76 Comment Card  
75 Comment Card  
74 Update regarding 5/22/13 meeting with Broadway Coalition  
73 Subscribe to listserv and comments against project  
72 Request for information about May Task Force meetings  
71 Broadway property owner sharing design considerations  
70 Article regarding Road Diet employed in Maryland for Purple Line light rail
  Purple Line map
69 Invitation to join 5/16/13 Urban Heat Island workshop
   Workshop Flyer
68 Request for information regarding traffic impact study requirements for new development (at El Con Mall)  
67 Comment Card  

Request for topography map to allow Southern Arizona Transit Advocates member Gene Caywood the ability to create alternative alignments.

     Drawings submitted 
    (reduced to 11x17s for ease of
     viewing/printing and to reduce file

65 Subscribe  
64 Subscribe  
63 Request to Ward 6 for information regarding the Broadway Project Response
62 Email from CTF member sharing link to a report "The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2012"  
61 Forwarding input received by CTF member regarding, providing Imagine Greater Tucson data mapping household income data.
60 CTF member email providing summary of comments heard at the Feb. 28, 2013 meeting  
59 Request for information regarding definition of what an Element is (as it relates to the Regional Transportation Authority Plan)  
58 Email and report link forwarded by CTF member regarding, "A New Social Equity Agenda for Sustainable Transportation"  
57 Comments forwarded by CTF member regarding support for current RTA Plan project scope, without modification  
56 Forward email from business and property owner on Broadway with input about the project  
55 Request for information about the project for business/property owner on Broadway  
54 Inquiry regarding project schedule and information  
53 Draft Report:  February 28, 2013 Project Progress Report and Community Input Event  
52 Submission at Call to the Audience at 12/2012 Citizens Task Force meeting drawn by Katie Gannon
    Clarification from Drachman Institute
51 Subscribe  
50 Comment Card  
49 Request by business/property owner to be kept updated on happenings and decisions occurring at 2419 E. Broadway (Panda Buffet)  
48 Questions asked by Ward 6 Council member Kozachik  

Request for map with existing curb-to-curb dimensions 

     Dimensions Map

46 Comment Card  
45 Request from Ward 6 for information for business/property owner in project area Response
44 Email requesting various information for the project  
43 Email from CTF member requesting information and action  
42 Clarification of Call to the Audience remarks made  
41 Request for presentation at a Tucson Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting  
40 Subscribe  
39 Email pointing out issues with project web site  
38 Subscribe  
37 Email forwarded by CTF member requesting information about project cost overruns and legal requirements to return to voters for approval. Response
36 Comment Card  
35 Comment Card  
34 Comment Card  
33 CTF member traffic analysis and study performed; results and suggestions provided for consideration  
32 Media request for information related to whether a Call to the Audience would be provided at the 11/8/12 CTF meeting  
31 Requesting information via CTF member  
30 Requesting clarification of project schedule  
29 Forwarding official position statements from SHNA, RHNA, and the Broadway Coaition regarding the Broadway project  
28 Forwarding written version of comments made at 8/30/12 Citizens Task Force meeting  
27 List of 7 articles providing information about recent research on best practices in street design for the Citizens Task Force  
26 Subscribe; questions about the project   
25 Request for copies of materials distributed to Broadway Citizens Task Force at August 30, 2012 meeting  
24 Request for information about project schedule and design  
23 Request for clarity regarding project construction schedule  
22 A petition to save the First Assembly of God Church, 1749 E. Broadway, and requesting that the RTA Plans/1987 Mayor & Council approved alignment be amended  
21 Forwarding completed Listening Session Experience worksheet for CTF consideration  

Forwarding budget included in Intergovernmental Agreement #2 between RTA and COT

Request to address the discrepancy between the current project budget of $42M for ROW acquisition and the budget's figure of $43.7M.




8/21/2012 - Response received from Jim DeGrood, providing links to the following:
- Original 2005 project cost estimates report (see web page) and

- Original 2005 Broadway project cost estimate drawings (which helped define the budget numbers used for the RTA Plan)

- the 2010 policy change adjusting those cost estimates.

This level of detail was not addressed in the 8/30/2012 RTA presentation and discussion.

19 Request to forwarding excerpt of ARS 5309 to CTF and to have RTA outline the conditions under which the roadway design can be changed  
18 Information regarding Property Taxes of properties in project area  
17 Request for map of city-owned properties in the project area  
16 Reqeust to provide resolutions from Sam Hughes NA and Broadmoor-Broadway Village NA from 1985 and 2005 opposing the Broadway project  
15 Forwarding Ordinance 21508 authorizing the creation of the Broadway Citizens Task Force  

Request to provide CTF with excerpt from VM Kozachik's 7/31/2012 newsletter regarding Broadway



Letter from Pima County Department of Transportation, dated 8/10/2012, in response to comments; confirms commitment and ability to contribute County bond funding for Broadway project
13 Call from a private business offering services to the project  
12 Forwarding a copy of City of Tucson's Roadway Development Policies (Ordinance 6593)  
11 Forwarding City of Portland's Request for Proposals for an alternative to traditional Level of Service measures for their transportation system  

Information regarding Sales Tax Revenues produced in project area

9 Request to provide El Encanto Estates HA oppoeing Broadway project to CTF  
8 Comment eCard  
7 Request to provide resolutions from Rincon Heights NA, Sam Hughes NA opposing Broadway project to CTF  
6 Request for audio recording of 6/20/2012 CTF meeting  
5 Consideration of an overpass as possible design solution
(See item 4 above)
4 Consideration of an overpass as possible design solution Technical response (written by Michael T. Johnson, HDR Engineering)
3 Request from Broadway Coalition to provide resolutions opposing Broadway project to CTF  
2 Comment eCard  
1 6/20/12 Broadway Listening Session Report