Business and Development Resources


Planning and Development Services provides permits, certificates of occupancy, inspections, zoning information and more.

  • Residential, Commercial, CDRC, Records, Plan Check (520) 791-5550
  • Zoning Review (520) 791-5608
  • To Schedule an Inspection (520) 740-6970
  • To Obtain a Permit using the APA System (520) 837-9088
  • Sign Permit Section (520) 837-4975
  • Rezoning (520) 791-4541
  • To Obtain Zoning of a Specific Property (520) 837-4891
  • Floodplain Information (520) 791-5609
  • To reach the operator please dial (520) 791-5550

The Finance Department handles business licenses and taxes.

The Procurement Department handles purchasing and vendor registration

  • 520-791-4217.

The Water Department provides residential and commercial water service to Tucson and the surrounding area.

  • Customer Support Unit: 520-791-5945 (Water Quality Questions / Concerns)
  • Customer Service / Billing: 520-791-3242 or toll-free 1-800-598-9449 (Turn On / Turn Off Service, Water Problems, Billing Questions, Leaks, etc.)
  • New Development: 520-791-4718

The City Manager’s Office is committed to the economic growth of Tucson and helping businesses relocate and develop in the city.

  • 520-791-4204

If you have a specific question or request, please tell us a little about your business so we can direct your question to the appropriate person. If you’re interested in relocating your business to Tucson, please see the business relocation page.

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