Why Tucson?

Tucson in the 21st Century

Now is an exciting time for Tucson – Arizona’s oldest incorporated city. The Modern Street Car Project is underway and significant private sector investment is taking place in downtown and the region. Tucson is recognized for promoting livability, sustainability, and innovation, and in May 2010 was ranked 19th on Forbes' list of 100 of America's Most Innovative Cities.

Doing business in Tucson means important access to development activity in the following industries: Aerospace and Defense, Bioscience, Solar, and Transportation and Logistics.

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Programs & Initiatives

Land Use Code Revisions

The Mayor and Council continues to review the City’s zoning regulations to find opportunities to make them business friendly and more adaptable to urban versus suburban development. These initiatives are in various stages of completion/approval and include:

  • parking reduction options
  • urban overlay district
  • certificate of occupancy relief
  • development review timelines and expirations and loading zones
  • renewable energy generation facilities
  • downtown infill incentive district
  • neighborhood preservation zone
  • planned area development (pad)
  • downtown core sub-district
  • parking code comprehensive revision
  • land use code reformat
  • sustainable land use code

Details about these initatives can be found here.

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Learn More About Tucson
Tucson– The Best of Both Worlds

Tucson has both the progress and innovation of a metropolitan community and the friendly, caring environment of a small town. A top destination for history, arts and outdoor recreation makes Tucson a great place for working and living.

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Key Partnerships & Business Resources

The City of Tucson has partnerships with Educational and Research Institutions, Business Organizations and International Alliances to provide direct services to local and prospective businesses

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Business Corridors and Revitalization Areas

The technology of tomorrow is being developed today at the the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park, one of the nation's premier research and development facilities. Home to several high technology companies, the Tech Park houses 5 Fortune 500 companies: IBM, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Canon USA and Citigroup, as well as several emerging technology companies including NP Photonics, Modavox, and DILAS Diode Laser. The Arizona Center for Innovation, a technology business incubator, and the UA South, a branch campus of The University of Arizona, are also located at the Park.

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Awards & Business Rankings