Environmental Management Program - What We Do

The City of Tucson’s Environmental Management Program (EMP) is comprised of a group of senior department representatives whose focus is to convene and implement proactive, comprehensive and collaborative environmental management tools to address environmental issues facing the City of Tucson.

Environmental Management Program - Who We Are

The EMP team consists of representatives from eighteen (18) City departments and the City Manager’s Office.  Each department is represented by the Director, or a senior staff member.

The EMP Governing Board includes staff from Environmental Services, City Attorney’s Office, Tucson Fire Department, Central Safety Services, Emergency Management, Department of Transportation, and Tucson Water.

Environmental Management Program

The City of Tucson's Environmental Management Program, or EMP, provides a set of management processes and procedures that address the needs of the City's staff; to analyze, control and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, services and programs.

The EMP allows City staff to continuously improve its environmental performance, operate with greater efficiency and control, and provide the highest level of environmental protection to the departments and the community.