El Presidio Historic Zone Advisory Board (EPHZAB)

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Current Agenda:
  • EPHZAB Agenda 08-28-14
  • EPHZAB Agenda 08-14-14

  • 2) Description:
    Reviews historic district issues in the El Presidio area. 8 year term limit. (expiring December 31st of applicable year)

    3) Maximum Number of Members: 15

    4) Meeting Location:
    To be provided.

    5) Meeting Time: Meets as required.

    6) Information Sheet:
  • Datapage

  • 7) Members:
    Ms. Susan AikenCo-ChairpersonMayor and CouncilProperty Owner
    Ms. Johna CronkMemberMayor and CouncilResident
    Mr. Christopher DominMemberMayor and CouncilSpecial Qualifications
    Ms. Halley FreitasMemberMayor and CouncilProperty Owner
    Ms. Barbara GrygutisMemberMayor and CouncilProperty Owner
    Mr. Charles PiferMemberMayor and CouncilSpecial Qualifications
    Ms. Ilyena SloanMemberMayor and CouncilResident
    Mr. Joseph WilderMemberMayor and CouncilSpecial Qualifications

    For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

    Datapages for the boards are provided in Adobe PDF format. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view the documents.