Human Relations Commission (HRC)
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Current Agenda:
  • HRC Ray Davies SSA Subcommittee Agenda (Revised ) 04-07-14
  • HRC Public Notice - Ray Davies SSA Ceremony - M&C Members 04-11-14
  • HRC Public Notice - Ray Davies SSA Ceremony - HRC Members 04-11-14
  • HRC Agenda 04-07-14
  • HRC Agenda (Cancellation) 04-09-14

  • 2) Description:
    Study discrimination within the community and encourage mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among all groups within the Tucson Metropolitan Community. 8 year term limit.

    3) Maximum Number of Members: 12

    4) Meeting Location:
    Mayor and Council Conference Room, 255 W. Alameda

    5) Meeting Time: Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month; at 6:15 p.m.

    6) Information Sheet:
  • Datapage

  • 7) Members:
    Mr. Bryan DavisMemberMayor
    Rev. Raven GastonVice ChairpersonWard 4
    Mr. Don GoebelMemberWard 2
    Ms. Delores GrayamMemberWard 5
    Mr. William HibbsAdvisory Member (Non-Voting)CommissionNon-Voting Advisory Member
    Ms. Daisy Jenkins, Esq.MemberWard 3
    Ms. Sat Bir Kaur KhalsaAdvisory Member (Non-Voting)CommissionNon-Voting Advisory Member
    Ms. Deyanira NevarezChairpersonWard 1
    Mr. Richard RehseTreasurerTucson Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues (GLBT)
    Ms. Martha TaylorMemberWard 6
    Mr. Moon YeeAdvisory Member (Non-Voting)CommissionNon-Voting Advisory Member

    For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

    Datapages for the boards are provided in Adobe PDF format. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view the documents.