Women's Commission, Pima County/Tucson (PCTWC)

1) Documentation:
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Current Agenda:
  • PCTWC Outreach Committee Agenda 08-08-14
  • PCTWC Executive Committee Agenda 08-11-14
  • PCTWC Agenda 08-20-14

  • 2) Description:
    Advocate, advise, recommend, monitor and evaluate all issues as they affect the welfare of the women of Pima County and in the City of Tucson. 8 year term limit.

    3) Maximum Number of Members: 20

    4) Meeting Location:
    To be provided.

    5) Meeting Time: Meets as required.

    6) Information Sheet:
  • Datapage

  • 7) Members:
    Ms. Gail BornfieldMemberWard 4
    Ms. Joyceen Boyle, Ph.D.MemberWard 2
    Ms. Elaine ClarkMemberPima County District 2
    Ms. Imelda CuyuganMemberWard 5
    Ms. Mary Lou FrankelMemberWard 6
    Ms. Maxine GoodmanMemberCommission
    Ms. Margaret Higgins, Ph.D.MemberMayor
    Ms. Lucy HowellMemberCommission
    Ms. Lucinda Hughes-JuanChairpersonCommission
    Ms. Debra JohnsonMemberWard 1
    Ms. Emma JuanSecretaryCommission
    Ms. Marietta MartinMemberCommission
    Ms. Martha McSallyMemberPima County District 4
    Ms. Shirley MuneyMemberPima County District 3
    Ms. Geri Ottoboni-GilmoreMemberPima County District 1
    Ms. Adriane ParsonsMemberWard 3
    Ms. Annie SykesMemberPima County District 5
    Ms. Sheila TobiasMemberCommission
    Ms. Cecilia VindiolaMemberCommission

    For further information please contact the City Clerk's Office at (520) 791-4213.

    Datapages for the boards are provided in Adobe PDF format. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader to view the documents.