Physical Posting Locations of Meeting Notices and Agendas:
255 W Alameda
* North Side, Exterior of Building
* South Side, Exterior of Building (Disabled Accessible)
* East Side, Exterior of Building
* First Floor Lobby (Only available M-F, 8-5)

Boards and Commissions

Today and Tomorrow's Meeting Notices:
Climate Change Committee (CCC) - CCC Agenda 04-22-14
Fort Lowell Historic Zone Advisory Board (FLHZAB) - FLHZAB Agenda 04-22-14
Bicycle Advisory Committee, Tucson-Pima County (TPCBAC) - TPCBAC Urban Core Facilities Subcommittee Agenda 04-21-14
Metropolitan Energy Commission, Tucson-Pima County (TPCMEC) - TPCMEC Agenda 04-22-14

Note: Meeting notices, agendas, legal action reports and minutes (if required) are located on the individual board and commission pages listed below.

2012 Bond Oversight Commission (BOC)

Addiction, Prevention, and Treatment, Pima County - City of Tucson Commission (CAPT)

Armory Park Historic Zone Advisory Board (APHZAB)

Art and Community Design Committee, Public (PACDC)

Barrio Historico Historic Zone Advisory Board (BHHZAB)

Bicycle Advisory Committee, Tucson-Pima County (TPCBAC)

Board of Adjustment (BAJ)

Board of Commissioners Public Housing Authority (BCPHA)

Bond Project Advisory Committee (BPAC)

Broadway Boulevard Citizens Planning Task Force (BBTF)

Charter Review Committee

Civil Service Commission (CSC)

Climate Change Committee (CCC)

Commission on Disability Issues (CODI)

Consolidated Code Committee, Tucson-Pima County Joint (TPCJCC)

Convention Center Commission, Tucson (TCCC)

Deferred Compensation Plan Management Board, City of Tucson (CEDCMB)

Design Review Board (DRB)

Downtown Links Citizen Advisory Committee (DLCAC)

Economic and Workforce Development Selection Committee (EWDSC)

El Presidio Historic Zone Advisory Board (EPHZAB)

Environmental Services Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Fire Code Review Committee (FCRC)

Fire Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board, Tucson (TFPSPRSB)

Fort Lowell Historic Zone Advisory Board (FLHZAB)

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues, Tucson Commission (GLBT)

Grant Road Corridor Planning Task Force (GRCPTF)

Greens Committee, Tucson (TGC)

Historical Commission, Tucson-Pima County (TPCHC)

Human Relations Commission (HRC)

Independent Audit and Performance Commission (IAPC)

Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

Kino-22nd, Citizen Advisory Committee Roadway Development (CAC-Kino-22nd)

Kolb/Sabino Canyon Road Connection Task Force (KSRTF)

Landscape Advisory Committee (LAC)

Magistrates Merit Selection Commission, City (CMMSC)

Metropolitan Education Commission (MEC)

Metropolitan Energy Commission, Tucson-Pima County (TPCMEC)

Metropolitan Housing Commission (MHC)

Outdoor Lighting Code Committee (OLCC)

Parks and Recreation Commission, Tucson (TPRC)

ParkWise Commission (PWC)

Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC)

Planning Commission (PC)

Police Advisory Review Board, Citizen (CPARB)

Police Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board, Tucson (TPPSPRSB)

Resource Planning Advisory Committee (RPAC)

Rodeo Grounds/Parade Citizens' Oversight Committee, Tucson

Self Insurance Trust Fund Board of Trustees (TRUST)

Sign Code Advisory and Appeals Board (SCAAB)

Sign Code Committee, Citizen (CSCC)

Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business Commission (SMWBC)

Transit Task Force (TTF)

Transportation Advisory Committee, Citizen (CTAC)

Tucson Supplemental Retirement System Board of Trustees (TSRS)

Veterans' Affairs Committee (VAC)

Water Advisory Committee, Citizens' (CWAC)

Water Service Area Review Board (WSARB)

West University Historic Zone Advisory Board (WUHZAB)

Women's Commission, Pima County/Tucson (PCTWC)

Zoning Examiner Meetings