Effective December 1, 2010, a $5 filing fee (per case) will be assessed for motions filed on post-adjudicated parking, civil infraction, and civil traffic cases.  This fee must be paid before your motion will be accepted and processed.  This applies to motions filed by mail, fax machine or in person.


Motions filed by fax or mail MUST include the complete name and phone number of the person responsible for paying this filing fee should it be determined to be due.  Upon receipt of the mail or fax, you will be contacted within 3 working days if this fee is owed.  Your motion will not be accepted or processed until the fee is paid.  

Tucson City Court receives motions daily from defendants, victims and witnesses requesting action on a particular case from a judge. The actions requested through motions may include fine payment, proof of compliance extensions, modification of a sentence, requests to continue or accelerate a court date for compelling reasons.

To file a motion for extension or acceleration of time

Report to Public Services lobby, 103 E. Alameda, at least three business days prior to your court date or sentence date. A motion filed does not guarantee or replace original sentence or court date. The motion will be reviewed and signed by a judge.  Depending on workload, you should receive a response in approximately 30 calendar days.

Motion Pro Se Forms

Guidelines for filing a motion:

  • Write legibly the name of the defendant, docket number, and citation number.
  • Clearly state the purpose of the motion (e.g., to continue court date, extend payment or proof of compliance, modify existing order)
  • Clearly state the reason for the motion (e.g., I would like more time to pay because..., I will be out of town on my court date and would like to attend on...)
  • Clearly fill out name, phone number, and address of the person requesting motion.
  • To reset a motion for a criminal proceeding (e.g., pre-trial, bench trial), the motion must be taken to the City Prosecutor’s Office (103 E. Alameda, 5th Floor) for review and signature by a prosecutor, before submitting the motion to the Court.
  • If you are filing a motion to change a condition of release (for example, you want to have contact with the Defendant in a criminal case, or want him to return home) and you are the alleged victim, you must provide a picture ID and the motion must be taken to the City Prosecutor’s office on the 5th floor for their review and signature before filing with the court.

"Your Day In Court"  is a special instructional presentation designed to assist the "Pro Se" or self-represented defendant conduct their own case in court.