ES provides the following services to businesses and other commercial locations within the City of Tucson:

Commercial Driver          
  • Frontload Metal Refuse Service: the most frequently requested service. Frontload metal garbage containers are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 8 cubic yards with collection service available up to six days a week.
  • Compactor Service: a good solution for many apartment communities and other businesses. Compactor service is available with stationary 2, 4, 6, or 8-yard frontload containers or with 20- to 40-yard roll-off containers.
  • Recycling Collection Service: Metal service is available in 3, 4, 6, or 8-yard containers. ES offers recycling service at a reduced cost to our garbage collection customers. By adding recycling to their services, ES customers can often see a savings in their waste disposal collection costs. Commingled recycling is available for a large variety of materials.
  • Scheduled and Temporary Open-Top Container Roll-Off Services: can be requested for a regularly scheduled collection or for temporary service for clean-ups and construction needs.
  • Automated Plastic Container (APC): available for small businesses with weekly collection from either 90-gallon or 350-gallon containers.
  • Special Event Rental and Collection: a Service Representative will be happy to discuss the garbage and recycling needs for your event.


Recycling for Businesses

Businesses benefit by using the City's recycling service because fees are lower than trash collection service, and may reduce the business' needs for trash service. It also benefits the environment and helps our community meet its goals of reduced landfill consumption and keeping Tucson clean and beautiful. If you're not sure if recycling will work for your business, let us help you by offering a free Waste Audit

Recycling is easy! All recyclable materials go in one container- no sorting needed.
Contaminated loads will be charged at garbage collection rates.

Guidelines for Commercial Recycling

•No plastic bags (except shredded paper).
•No garbage.
•Please make sure materials are clean, empty and dry.
•Lightly rinse food containers. Use water wisely - throw very dirty items into the garbage.
•All recyclables go loose into the blue container together - - no sorting!
•Please flatten corrugated cardboard boxes. Remove plastic wrapping and liners.
•Shredded paper may be recycled in the blue barrel if it is secured in a clear plastic bag. NOTE: This is the only time that plastic bags can go in the recycling container

If in doubt whether an item is recyclable, call 520-791-5000 to find out or put it in the garbage.


Apartment Recycling: Getting Started

The City offers information to apartment managers who would like to educate their residents about the options available for their use in Tucson. Environmental Services staff is also available to present recycling information to tenant groups or to work directly with apartment managers to evaluate their recycling options. Call Customer Service at 520-791-3171 for more information.

Please don't hesitate to call 520-791-3171 for Customer Service or to request a visit by a sales representative.