Limited parking is available at shows (please call individual shows for details).

Complete ParkWise Downtown Parking Map (PDF)
Google map of downtown parking garages

Parking lots convenient to downtown and frontage road shows

  • 22nd St. and I-10 frontage road (East side),
  • Congress St. and I-10 frontage road (West side)
  • TCC Parking Lots
  • JOGS show at Tucson Expo Center on East Irvington Road. 

Public Parking Garages Nearby

Lots managed by Pueblo Parking Systems, LLC:

Stone & Council
241 N. Stone Ave.
Rate: $5.00/daily
Hours: Open 24/7

Block 175
283 N. Church Ave.
Rate: $5.00/daily
Hours: Open 24/7

Old Pueblo
31-43 E. Congress
Garage Rate: $7.00/Daily
Garage Hours: 7am-7pm
Lot Rate: $6.00 M-F/Daily
Lot Hours: Open 24/7 except between the hours of 2am-5am
Credit/debit cards

Broadway Stone
62 S. Stone Ave.
Rate: $5.00/Daily
Hours: Open 24/7

Complete ParkWise Downtown Parking Map

ParkWise Parking Facilities offer hourly and monthly parking.

Parking Meters are located throughout Downtown and range from 1/2 hour to 2 hour limits, at a cost of 50 cents per hour. There is no charge for parking on the street on weekends and holidays.

For more parking information, please visit the ParkWise website or call ParkWise at (520) 791-5071 during business hours, Monday-Friday.