The Dispatch Center staff includes Emergency 911 Operators, Public Safety Dispatchers and Public Safety Supervisors. The 911 Operator and the Public Safety Dispatcher are entry-level positions. Opportunities are shown on the City of Tucson Human Resources web site , along with application forms and procedures.

Emergency 911 Operator


• Responds to incoming 911 emergency calls, gathers pertinent information, classifies and routes calls to appropriate fire, medical and law enforcement agency personnel using 911 equipment, computer terminals and related communications equipment.

• Monitors and operates general services frequencies, relays messages, and orders and dispatches services in accordance with established operating procedures.

• Performs related work as required.


• Experience in telephone system and computer terminal operations, high school or equivalent education; or an equivalent combination of experience, education, and training related to the essential duties. Knowledge of local area geography is preferred and skill in obtaining needed information from callers who may be emotionally upset, unstable or abusive.

Public Safety Dispatcher


• Monitors police, fire, medical and general services frequencies, responds to emergency calls; relays messages and orders; dispatches equipment and services in accordance with established operating procedures.

• Operates radio frequency equipment, multi-button telephone key sets, TDD, computer terminals, alarm and system monitoring telemetry, and other equipment as variously assigned to operating stations.

• Questions callers and gathers, verifies, and evaluates information according to established policies and procedures to determine the priority of response required and to assist dispatched personnel.

• Maintains logs and record, and prepares operational reports.

• Assist in on-the-job training of new personnel.

• Ability to work Emergency 911 position.


• Experience in radio-telephone and related communications operations, preferable including emergency dispatch or related systems; high school or equivalent education, including skills training in transcription from an audio source and in computer terminal operations; or an equivalent combination of experience, education, and training related to the position.

Necessary Special Requirements:

• Work involves shift assignment and holidays.

• The ability to communicate in Spanish is desirable, but not required.

• Typing 35 words per minute net.

Applicant must attach a typing proficiency certificate to their application dated within the last eighteen months. Typing certificates to certify an applicant’s typing speed may be obtained from accredited business schools or junior colleges. The City of Tucson does not provide this service.


The training program consists of:

• 4 weeks of classroom training, concentrating on skill building.

• 4 weeks of one-on-one training with an experienced trainer for each of the 11 positions.

• Followed by a nine-month observation period.

• Probation is 18 months.