1990 Metro Census Tracts 
1990 Rural Census Tracts 
Census Tract History 

1990 City of Tucson Race and Ethnicity Distribution Maps

American Indian, Eskimo or Aleut 
Asian or Pacific Islander 
Population Growth: April 1990 to 1st Quarter 1999 

1990 City of Tucson Race Age Distribution Maps

Percent of Population 18 Years of Age & Under 
Percent of Population 50 Years of Age & Older 
Percent of Population 65 Years of Age & Older 
Age of Metro Housing 

1990 City of Tucson Race Economy: Income, Poverty and Stress Maps

Median Household Income: 1989 
Persons with 51% or More Low/Moderate Income 
Persons in Poverty 
Neighborhood Composite Stress Index