Tucson Housing Trust Fund

Tucson Housing Trust Fund (THTF)

On October 10, 2006 Mayor and Council unanimously established the THTF, authorized initial funding sources and approved a governance structure. The purpose of the THTF was to support the creation or rehabilitation of good quality housing that is affordable to the average family.

A Tucson Housing Trust Fund Citizens Advisory Committee (THTFCAC) was created by ordinance November 14, 2006 to identify sources of funds and allocate them in support of affordable housing. The THTFCAC met from 2006 until July 21, 2011 and during that time allocated $546,344: 70% to home-ownership and down payment assistance, 25% to rental and rental rehabilitation projects, and 5% for housing repair projects. 

At the July 21, 2011 meeting, the members of the THTFCAC discussed several issues that were making the continuation of the THTFCAC difficult.

Among these items were:

  • The diminishing resources in the Housing Trust Fund
  • The continued difficulty in finding additional sources of funding for the Housing Trust Fund in these very difficult times for the City budget
  • The July 1, 2011 expiration of the four-year terms of the majority of the appointees of the Housing Trust Fund
  • The continued difficulty in filling vacated positions on the Tucson Housing Trust Fund Citizens Advisory Committee
  • The continued difficulty in reaching a quorum aggravated by the difficulty in filling vacated positions. Roughly half of the meetings in the previous year were canceled due to a lack of quorum.

The Commission voted to recommend to the Mayor and Council to discontinue meetings and transfer the duties, responsibilities, and funding to the Metropolitan Housing Commission (MHC) with its concurrence. At the August 11, 2011 MHC meeting, THTFCAC Chair, Corky Poster outlined the issues that faced his Committee and asked for MHC’s assistance in assuming the duties, responsibilities, and funding of the THTFCAC. The MHC voted unanimously to accept that recommendation and support it when presented to Mayor and Council for approval. Mayor and Council accepted that recommendation and approved sunsetting the THTFCAC on December 17, 2011.

The Metropolitan Housing Commission currently oversees the Tucson Housing Trust Fund.