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The Office of Intergovernmental Relations develops, represents and advocates the interests of the City of Tucson by fostering and maintaining the City's relationships with other governmental entities. 

2010 Legislative Agenda
Approved by the City of Tucson Mayor and Council 6-0 on January 26, 2010.

  1. Protect Shared Revenues and local and fiscal sustainability.
  2. Protect local authority and decision making.
  3. Urge the State Legislature to protect and enhance cities as economic drivers through economic development tools and the infrastructure needed to support a sustainable economy.
  4. Urge the State Legislature to stand against exploitative payday lending practices in Arizona and oppose efforts to extend these practices indefinitely.

The City Manager's Office, Division of Intergovernmental Relations, is committed to ensure that your tax dollars are hard at work to jumpstart our local economy, create and save jobs, and protect our quality of life. The City of Tucson American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) website was created in order to maintain accountability and transparency. It is our mission to keep you up-to-date and well-informed on ARRA projects and funding.

For more information on ARRA, please visit our recovery website at: www.tucsonaz.gov/recovery

Nicole Ewing-Gavin
Yvonne L. Espino

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City Hall
255 W. Alameda , 10th Floor West
Tucson , AZ 85701

Phone: 520.791.4204
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– Federal legislative information from the Library of Congress.