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What’s New in CityLearn?

  • Fast and easy class enrollment
  • Fewer clicks to get where you want to go
  • Customizable home page with your schedule of classes
  • Learning communities with searchable forums
  • Live virtual Webinars
  • Searchable training Blogs
  • Mobile learner online classes

Instructions To Update Your User Profile in CityLearn: 

Login into the CityLearn –

If your login and password do not work, or you do not remember your login and password, call the IT Help Desk at 791-4370.  (Login and password help ONLY.)
  • Once you login, you may update your login and password to something that you can easily remember.  
  • At the CityLearn home page, mouse over ‘My Workspace / My Account’ and click Edit Login and/or Edit Password.
  • If you have a GroupWise account, you may wish to use the same login and password for CityLearn.

Update your Profile in CityLearn: 

Access Profile: 

At the CityLearn home page, mouse over ‘My Workspace / My Account’ and Click Edit Profile.
Note that there are several tabs in your Profile - Contact, Manager, Professional, etc. 

  • At the ‘CONTACT’ tab enter your current GroupWise e-mail address (ex., 
  • If you do not have a GroupWise email, enter a personal email address that you access frequently.
Address and Phone:  
  • At the ‘CONTACT’ tab, you may choose to enter your personal phone. 
  • Do NOT enter your personal address.  We do not wish to store personal information in CityLearn.


At the ‘MANAGER’ tab, check to see if the correct immediate supervisor is listed. 
  • If your current immediate supervisor is not displayed, type the last name of your immediate supervisor, and Click Search.  
  • Click the radio button next to your immediate supervisor’s name. 
  • Click Select Manager. 


At the ‘PROFESSIONAL’ tab, please enter your Department Name and Address.  
You may also enter your Professional Experience, Education Level, Education Description and Expertise.
  • For Education Description, use the format – Degree, Course of Study, Institution, Year Degree Awarded.  For example: B.S., Business Administration, University of Arizona, 2009.
  • Please do NOT change your ‘Job Start’.  This information is populated from the Personnel Records system. Any changes you make in this field will be automatically reset by the data feed from the automated Personnel Records system.
  • Similarly, please do not change your ‘Job Title’ (JOB TITLE tab).  The system will reset any changes you make in this field.
IT Help Desk* is available ONLY for login and password assistance at this time. 
All other questions should be directed to your CityLearn site administrators:
Parks & Recreation -
Human Resources/Central Safety - or
Human Resources / All other Departments -