Our Mission

    By partnering with others, lead in the effective use of technology for accessible information and responsive government services


    The Information Technology (IT) Department supplies the city with leadership, skills, and technology infrastructure that enables the City and its citizens to benefit from enhanced services. The department centralized all IT functions in Fiscal Year 2010 and now directly provides services that support all departments with their business systems. These services include computer center operations, network services, business application support, end-user computer system support, technology innovation, standards development and enforcement, and technology investigation. The department also provides contract administration for hardware and software acquisition and maintenance and City telecommunications delivery. The department includes six divisions:


    Administration Division

    Responsible for the City’s overall technology strategy and overseeing all IT department activities. Comprised of:
    §    Executive Management
    §    Administrative Support
    §    Facilities Management
    Also provides administrative services and human resources, budget, contract, and asset management support to the department.
    Applications Services
    Responsible for managing technical standards related to software and data purchased for or created by the City, organized by.
    §    Enterprise Applications
    §    Public Safety
    These teams manage the IT business relationships with all City departments by providing analysis, development, implementation, and support for both departmental and citywide software applications. 



    Geographic Information Services
    The IT GIS Services Division promotes the efficient use of GIS throughout the City by providing:
    §    GIS System Architecture
    §    Data Standards and Stewardship
    §    Centralized Data Storage
    §    Application Development
    §    Education and License Management
    The City’s enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to maintain, display, and analyze data and make the relationships between data easier to understand. The IT GIS Services Division also serves as a resource to help departments develop their GIS capabilities with the goal of enabling them to maintain their own GIS data.
    Network Services
    The City network is the collection of wired and wireless networks that support the transport of voice, video, and data through:
    §    Optical Fiber
    §    Wireless Links
    Ø Microwave
    Ø Radio
    Ø Wireless & wireless hot spots
    This program area ensures a stable and secure communications environment for all City departments including communications networks, Internet access, data networks, voice-over-internet-protocol telecommunications (VOIP), and wireless connectivity. This area also directs the City’s security policies and architecture, providing defense in depth via redundant levels of protection for restricted data or functions.




    Technical Services Division
    The server and operations environments support all City-hosted software applications. This includes the major, mission critical systems (e.g. Payroll, Finance, Public Safety CAD, the Web, Water and Environmental Services billing, email, and Tax Revenue) as well as small applications that support single groups or departments.
    §    Customer Services
    §    Systems Administration
    §    Data Center & Operations
    §    Hardware and Software for Desktop and Mobile Computing Units
    This program area ensures a stable and secure computing environment by supporting data center operations and by monitoring and maintaining the servers and storage infrastructure needed to support City applications and services. This program also provides citywide e-mail and calendar support, as well as customer services field support.