Ready at a moment's notice

At 4 a.m. James Charron puts on his headset and gets ready for a 12-hour shift as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. The room is well-controlled chaos, where never-ending rings, tones, and bells give the dispatchers efficient orders. The dispatch team works in unison to send out the appropriate emergency services, but the job is more than just dispatch. James is there to support each caller - whether he’s giving CPR instructions, helping deliver a baby, or just staying on the line to provide comfort.

“I trained nine months for this job. Beyond the training there is that personal touch that you have to have and be able to communicate with someone as a person. You have to be there for them emotionally, so that they can understand the instructions to help themselves or their loved one.”

“I was brought up to be compassionate and help others in a time of need. That’s the number one thing for me. This is my community. I take a lot of pride in doing this.”