Making recreation fun for all ages

Lisa Sommer practically grew up in the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department, joining the City as a 16-year-old. Now, she supervises the staff at the Udall Park and Recreation Center. Lisa coordinates recreation classes for all age groups, while making sure the game fields and the facilities are ready for the many leagues and athletes who use them on a regular basis.

“I like working in Tucson. I like working for the City."

“One of the things I really enjoy is training staff.  We have a lot of young staff, and I like to try to mentor them and get them on the right path.”

“I want the public to know that they have the hardest working staff in the country.  The staff at Tucson Parks and Recreation loves the community of Tucson.  They love the community members. They love their jobs. They’re not in it for accolades.”