Complaint Mediation Program

Why Mediation?
Citizen complaints of police misconduct often stem from poor communication and misunderstandings between parties. The Tucson Police Department Mediation Program was designed to provide a structured, confidential, and voluntary forum that brings together citizens and Department members to discuss citizen concerns, clarify issues, improve communications and craft mutual agreements that resolve conflict.

Mediation Benefits
When citizen complaints can be resolved without an official process or investigation, community and police relations can be improved. It is an opportunity for both citizens and police officers to learn from each other.

How Does It Work?
Mediation involves the informal resolution of complaints through a face-to-face meeting in which a professional mediator serves as a neutral facilitator. The process is voluntary and confidential and is conducted in a neutral environment.

What Types of Complaints are Mediated?

  • Customer Service Complaints
  • Rudeness
  • Attitude
  • Demeanor

    What Types of Complaints are not Mediated?

  • Excessive Force
  • Criminal Conduct by a Department Member
  • Arrests
  • Biased Based Policing
  • Threats/Intimidation

    Who do I contact?
    Citizen complaints of police misconduct may be filed with:

    The Tucson Police Department
    Office of Internal Affairs
    270 S. Stone Ave.
    Tucson, AZ 85701
    The Independent Police Auditor
    100 N. Stone
    Suite 610
    Tucson, AZ 85701
    (520) 791-4593-Phone
    (520) 791-5140-Fax

    If the complaint is determined to be eligible for mediation, and both parties are willing to participate in the program, the Mediation Coordinator will contact each party and determined scheduling preferences. The complaint will then be referred to OUR TOWN Family Center to coordinate the mediation session.

  • Independent Police Auditor
  • Tucson Police Department