Email received March 21, 2013 from Environmental Services customer Bill MacKinnon

I wanted to let you know that I observed something very positive this morning.

I was watching the news around 6:25 AM this morning with my video security on and visible to me when an Environmental Services truck came by to pick up my regular trash container which was full because it hasnt been put out for a couple of weeks.

The driver took his time emptying the container and when he saw the lid was going to remain open when the container was placed back on the ground, he slowly raised the container up until the lid closed and then he gently lowered the container back down to the ground with the lid closed. How refreshing!

And it gets better about 5 minutes later another Environmental Services truck came by to pick up my Recycling container which was also full.

The driver of that truck also took his time emptying and lowering the container with the lid closed.

This leads me to conclude that Environmental Services has made a positive effort to retrain/work with their drivers.

Congratulations these observations put a smile on my face this morning and I hope my email providing some positive feedback makes all of your days a little better.

William MacKinnon
President and Acting Treasurer
Palm Grove Clusters Townhouse Association