REPORT: CITY BUS SYSTEM SHOULD CONSIDER FARE OR SERVICE CHANGES - A peer review panel of transit experts from other cities says Tucson's Sun Tran bus system doesn't recover enough revenues to pay for the services it provides. One of the key findings of the report, presented at yesterday's Mayor and Council meeting, is that the City spent $16 million last year on Sun Van service for the disabled and recovered only about five percent of that amount in fares. The report also says bus fares in general don't pay enough to help fund the system. The Council was scheduled to discuss fare increases during yesterday's study session, but that discussion was tabled until Feb. 4 to allow Council Members time to study the outside report. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star and view the PowerPoint presentation.

CITY OF TUCSON DEDICATES NEW WATER TREATMENT FACILITY (VIDEO) - Tucson Water’s new Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Facility helps ensure the delivery of a safe and reliable supply of water. The new facility on West Irvington Road will treat up to 8 million gallons of water per day. Watch video of the dedication from Tucson 12.

PENSION REFORMS LEADING TO EARLY RETIREMENTS IN SOME STATES - A Governing Magazine analysis of retirement data finds that pension reforms contributed to significantly more workers retiring in at least six states. More than 9,500 Oregon state employees retired last year - a 44 percent increase from 2012 - as they opted to begin drawing checks from the Oregon Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) before a change that effectively trimmed retirement benefits by roughly 2 percent for a portion of long-time state and local workers retiring after Dec. 1. Similar scenarios played out elsewhere in recent years, as debate over pension reform in state legislatures sparked a corresponding spike in public employee retirements.

SCORE A DEAL ON CITY SURPLUS - Need a credit/debit card machine? How about some folding chairs? Maybe four pairs of basketball shoes will satisfy someone in your family? You can find these items and more on the City of Tucson's surplus auction website. View the items listed for bid and learn more about Tucson's Public Surplus auctions.

DILLINGER DAYS DOWNTOWN SATURDAY - This year marks the 80th anniversary of the capture of notorious outlaw John Dillinger near Tucson's historic Hotel Congress downtown. The event celebrates Tucson's Police and Fire Departments for the roles they played in the Jan. 25, 1934 arrest of the infamous gangster and bank robber once known as Public Enemy No. 1. Hotel Congress plans a number of events to commemorate Dillinger Days. The family-friendly event begins at 9 a.m. and is free.