BABY LIONS ON EXHIBIT AT REID PARK ZOO - The Zoo's two-month-old African lion cubs now are on public display daily. The four cubs (Baako, Jelani, Sango, Nayo) and their mother, Kaya, will have access to the exhibit each day from 9 a.m. until noon, but they may head inside for periodic naps. Shombay, the father, will be in the exhibit from noon - 4 p.m. If you can't make it to the Reid Park Zoo right away, you can see the cubs on the lion webcam.

TUCSON AND PIMA COUNTY HOSTING HUNDREDS OF COLLEGE SOFTBALL/BASEBALL GAMES NEXT MONTH - For the fourth consecutive year, the Tucson Invitational Games is bringing dozens of college softball games to Tucson's Lincoln Regional Park, while baseball teams will play at Pima County's Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium and the seven baseball fields at Kino Sports Complex South. Beginning tomorrow, through March 29, about 125 teams from across the country will train and compete at both venues. Team members, coaches, families and fans will be staying at local hotels and visiting area restaurants and attractions. Organizers estimate that the economic impact of the games is nearly $8 million for the Metro Tucson area. The teams and their schedules are available on the Tucson Invitational Games website.

SWEETWATER WETLANDS CONTROLLED BURN SET FOR NEXT WEEK - The Sweetwater Wetlands annual controlled burn is scheduled for Tuesday, meaning the area will be closed to the public that day. This is the 13th year for the burn, coordinated by Tucson Water and the Tucson Fire Department. The burn is an important part of mosquito abatement and Wetlands preservation. The burn removes much of the thatched, dead vegetation produced by freezing winter temperatures. Unless the dead vegetation is burned off, the accumulated thatch becomes a “shelter” which protects aquatic mosquito larvae during their development. Sweetwater Wetlands is expected to reopen to the public on Wednesday. Read more about the controlled burn.

CITY OF TUCSON JOINS PIMA COUNTY IN TIRE INFLATION EDUCATION CAMPAIGN - The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality’s (PDEQ) Clean Air Program is urging people to keep their vehicle's tires properly inflated to improve gas mileage, while also prolonging tire life and saving money. PDEQ says low tires increase the amount of tire surface on the road, creating more resistance. Because it takes more energy to keep the vehicle moving, more fuel is burned, causing an increase in air pollution and greenhouse gases emitted from the tailpipe. PDEQ is teaming with the City of Tucson's Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development, Pima Association of Government's Clean Cities Program and Jack Furrier's Tire and Auto Care in a challenge to "Pump Up Your MPG." Motorists who sign up to check their tires regularly have a chance to win various prizes. Learn more from PDEQ.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: WATER ADMINISTRATOR FOR PLANNING AND ENGINEERING - The Planning and Engineering Administrator acts as the Chief Planner, overseeing Water Resources Management, System Planning, System and Development, and Mapping/GIS. Some of the minimum qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Business or Public Administration, Engineering, Chemistry, Hydrology, or a closely related field, and five years of relevant supervisory management experience developing and implementing water management plans, programs and goals. View the job listing.