VIDEO: THE CITY'S REID PARK ZOO RESCUES ORPHANED BEARS - "When Ronan and Finley came to Reid Park, they had never lived in a zoo before. So everything was brand new for them," says Alisha Brewer, a zookeeper at the City of Tucson's Reid Park Zoo. The bears story began on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana. A mother and her three cubs had become nuisance bears, frequently coming into contact with humans in their search for food. The mother was immediately euthanized, which left the three cubs. Unfortunately, their brother wasnt strong enough to survive the capture process, which left Ronan and Finley. Luckily, Reid Park Zoo came to the rescue, and now the two siblings live in a beautiful habitat called Grizzly Crossing.

PIMA COUNTY THREATENS TO PULL FUNDING FOR BROADWAY PROJECT - In an internal memo last week, County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry discussed the possibility of withholding $25 million of voter-approved Pima County bond funds promised to the Broadway Boulevard Project if the City does not proceed to build a full six-lane, median-divided roadway between Country Club Road and Euclid Avenue. Strong interest from businesses, neighborhoods, and other stakeholders along the route led to Mayor & Council support for the formation of a citizens' task force last year to help recommend a proper scope for the project. The task force has held numerous meetings since June of 2012. Huckelberry's memo anticipated the possibility that the task force might recommend against any widening at all. "We're saying no widening is not an option," said Huckelberry. From the Star.

BUSINESS GROUPS ASK LAWMAKERS TO PRIORITIZE FUNDING FOR NEW ROADS, BETTER ROADS - At a news conference last week, Ron Shoopman of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council said the lack of funding for the construction of new roads and the maintenance of existing ones is hurting Southern Arizona economically. Shoopman, who was joined by David Martin of the Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors, said business groups must come together to support (1) extending or expanding the 18.5 cent per gallon federal fuel tax that supports highway spending that will expire in September 2014; (2) opposing state funding sweeps of HURF (High Users Revenue Funds) generated by fuel taxes that are intended to fund city and county road projects; and (3) supporting the Pima County bond election that could take place in 2015; and shaping the next RTA sales tax vote to earmark money for road repairs as well as new construction. From the Green Valley News.

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MERCHANTS COUNTING ON CITY, COUNTY SUPPORT FOR IMPROVEMENTS ALONG SOUTH 12TH - In a letter sent to City Manager Richard Miranda, County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry wrote that he was recommending to the Pima County Bond Advisory Committee to remove from consideration four projects from an upcoming County bond election, including South 12th. Council Member Regina Romero, whose Ward 1 includes South 12th Avenue, said she is depending on support from County Supervisor Richard Elías to place the project back into the bond package. After a recent meeting with members of the South Side Business Coalition, Elías affirmed his support for the project. Restaurant owner Benjamín Galaz , the South Side Business Coalition president, said that although the merchants would indirectly gain something by beautifying the area, the real winner would be the community, which needs something like this to lift its spirit. From the Star.