CITY OF TUCSON GENERAL ELECTION 2013: POLLS OPEN UNTIL 7 PM - Voters who have yet to vote in today's City of Tucson general election may still drop off their voted ballot, obtain a replacement ballot, or vote in person at any of the City's seven polling locations until 7 p.m. Election results will become available on the City's elections website shortly after polls close.

COUNTY APPROVES TEMPORARY ADDITION AT ANIMAL SHELTER - The Pima County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a measure to build a temporary addition to the Pima Animal Care Center to address overcrowding at the shelter. Shelter managers were asking for $400,000 to build a tent to house the overflow pets. Under the measure passed this morning, the county will erect a 100' by 60' tent to house 100 kennels. It will be heated, cooled and tied down to protect against summer monsoon storms. From KOLD/KMSB.

FORMER TPD OFFICER SENTENCED TO 10 YEARS FOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY - A former Tucson police officer caught with child pornography will spend the next decade in prison. Pima County Superior Court Judge Jane Eikleberry sentenced Martin Louis Henry Ward on Monday to 10 years in prison for sexual exploitation of a minor followed by lifetime probation for a second count of sexual exploitation of minor. A TPD internal investigation into Ward from 2012 said he knowingly consumed prescription medication with alcohol, disobeyed direct orders, lied about a marriage and forged documents in order to receive Family and Medical Leave benefits. At Mondays sentencing, Ward neither apologized nor accepted responsibility for any wrongdoing. From the Star.

COUNTY NEARLY DOUBLES CONTRIBUTION TO EL TOUR DE TUCSON - After losing its title sponsor, El Tour de Tucson is looking to the city and Pima County to fill some of the financial void. The city of Tucson has already agreed to almost double its financial commitment to the communitys premier cycling event, kicking in an extra $25,000. Today, the county Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an additional $25,000 from its contingency fund to bring the county's support to $51,063, according to a news release. For the last six years, El Tour has been sponsored by the University of Arizona Medical Center, which dropped to a lower level of sponsorship this year, creating a $250,000 gap in the budget. From the Star.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER - The Tucson Fire Department is looking for a career professional to serve as an Emergency Communications Manager, responsible for planning, organizing, and administering the technical components and operating systems of the E-911 Communications Center. Applicants should be experienced and proficient in coordinating the efforts of technical staff, system engineers, software and hardware vendors, and contractors, for a large, urban dispatch center environment. Applicants should possess a wide range of knowledge of radio, telephonic, CAD, reporting, and data management systems related to emergency call center operations.