NEED HELP STARTING OR EXPANDING A BUSINESS IN TUCSON? CALL THE SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE LINE - The City of Tucson's Small Business Assistance Line, (520) 837-4100, is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Help is available in both English and Spanish. Staff from the City Manager's Office of Economic Initiatives answer the calls. The Small Business Assistance Line is one of a number of City initiatives, along with 21 new business incentives, streamlined permit processes and more, to make the City of Tucson more business-friendly. Read more about the Small Business Assistance Line.

NINTH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS TO STREAM LIVE VIDEO - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes rulings on Arizona cases, will begin live video streaming of oral arguments beginning next week.  Streaming services will open with five cases scheduled to begin Monday. The nation's busiest federal appeals court says it believes this will be the first time a federal appellate court will use its technology to deliver live video of a proceeding over the Internet. Streaming will consist of "en banc" proceedings, which resolve intra-circuit conflicts and other legal questions of exceptional importance.  The panel consists of the chief judge of the circuit and 10 judges drawn at random, rather than a three-judge appellate panel. On average, the 9th Circuit says, about 20 cases receive en banc review each year. Read more from Courthouse News Service and view streaming links from the Ninth Circuit.

ARIZONA ATTORNEY GENERAL SAYS PUBLIC HAS RIGHT TO REVIEW PUBLIC DOCUMENTS WITHOUT FEE -  State Attorney General Tom Horne says public documents must be subject to inspection at public offices without any fees. In a formal opinion, Horne says the no-charge rule applies even if the agency has to make copies to redact certain private information, saying the costs of doing that cannot be charged to the person who wants to simply view the documents. Horne also says individuals are free to use their own equipment, such as smartphones and portable document scanners, to make copies without having to pay a fee. Tucson City Clerk Roger Randolph tells NewsNet the ruling shouldn't affect Tucson. "We do not charge for a copy made simply to redact information. We do charge 25 cents per page to make copies of documents," he says. "This is still authorized under ARS Title 39. We have never prohibited anyone from taking a photograph of a document in lieu of purchasing a copy." Read more from Capitol Media Services via the East Valley Tribune.

CITY OF PHOENIX TELLS COURT IT HAS RIGHT TO LIMIT BUS STOP ADVERTISING - In a case with statewide implications, the City of Phoenix argued to the Court of Appeals Tuesday that governments can deny access to candidates or controversial causes. Assistant City Attorney David Schwartz said there is no First Amendment right of those promoting political or even religious causes to make their case on city-owned property. The advertisement the City of Phoenix rejected is an image of a heart with the words “Guns Save Lives” superimposed. Read more from Capitol Media services via the Arizona Daily Star.

ZOO LIGHTS 2013 BEGINS FRIDAY AT REID PARK ZOO - Zoo Lights at the City of Tucson's Reid Park Zoo features animal-themed light sculptures, thousands of sparkling holiday lights and Santa Claus. The annual event is Dec. 6-23, from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Ticket prices are $6 for adults, $4 for children and kids under the age of two are free.