BUDGET PRESENTATION AT MAYOR & COUNCIL TODAY - Marie Nemerguth will present budget estimates and budget-balancing strategies for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 in today's Mayor & Council Study Session. General fund revenues from sources like local sales tax, state-shared revenue, and property taxes are expected to grow, but not enough to keep pace with current expenditure growth, much of which is the result of rising pension and other personnel costs.  The Budget Calendar proposes final FY 2014 adoption by Mayor & Council on May 21, 2013. Download the presentation here.

NEIGHBORHOOD LEADERS MEET WITH CITY STAFF - A variety of neighborhood concerns, ranging from the widening of Grant Road to the impacts of military flights over the city, were discussed in a meeting between a number of Tucson neighborhood leaders and City staff. "We realized that there was a need for an information exchange, and getting people together sooner rather than later is best to try and solve some problems," says Planning & Policy Program Director Nicole Ewing-Gavin. From KOLD/KMSB.

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT - Congratulations to Michael Scott of TDOT's Streets Division.  He came up with an innovative maintenance solution, eliminating the periodic need to replace costly metal plates in the broom assemblies of the City's 14 street sweeper vehicles.  Mr. Scott's creative solution will save City taxpayers about $31,000 per year.  And it embodies one of City Manager Richard Miranda's top goals for our organization: "Enhancing service delivery to our residents.  Irrespective of budget constraints or shortage of staffing. Tucson residents expect and deserve quality public services that are delivered efficiently and effectively." From Tucson 12. Read about the City Manager's Key Goals here.



20 MILLION PASSENGER TRIPS A YEAR ON SUN TRAN - Are you a regular rider?  About to become one?  The new Sun Tran Ride Guide - with important information in both English and Spanish - is now available. Download it here.

TPD ARRESTS DRIVER SUSPECTED OF TARGETING CYCLISTS - Last week, Tucson Police arrested 57-year-old Rodney Kinkade for aggravated assault.  This followed an incident in which members of a professional cycling team were injured in an apparent road rage incident during a training ride along East Valencia Road near Rita Ranch. The incident was captured on video by the team's videographer, who provided footage to TPD. Cyclist Tyler Wren said, "I want to thank the Tucson Police Department for taking the attack so seriously. The city truly lived up to its bike-friendly reputation with its thorough and effective response, and I believe that this incident should not deter cyclists from visiting the city." Read Wren's account in Velo news here. Story in the Star here.