TUCSON WATER REQUESTS 8.3% REVENUE INCREASE - Increased energy costs and lower consumption are key reasons why Tucson Water is requesting an 8.3% revenue increase for FY14.  According to Tucson Water PIO Fernando Molina, per-capita water use is "the lowest we've ever been in modern history." However, reduced water use means reduced revenue.  In addition, Tucson Water continues to invest in critical capital projects such as recharge and recovery facilities, main replacement and customer water meter upgrades. As reported by KOLD/KMSB. As reported by KVOA. Read the Mayor & Council memo re: Tucson Water's Financial Plan here.

TOWER AT CITY-OWNED RYAN AIRFIELD MAY CLOSE DUE TO SEQUESTRATION - Federal Aviation Administration officials notified 189 small airports this week, including Ryan Field west of Tucson, that their towers face closure unless they are able to show that keeping them open is in the national interest. Ryan Field is operated by the Tucson Airport Authority, which leases the airport from the City of Tucson. Story in today's Star.

MOSQUITOS TARGETED IN CONTROLLED BURN AT SWEETWATER WETLANDS - Areas of the Sweetwater Wetlands, a densely vegetated area that is part of Tucson Water's reclaimed water system, were burned yesterday as part of an annual mosquito abatement project. "The site includes 17.5 acres of constructed wetlands, 14 acres of recharge basins, and a recurring mosquito problem," according to Tucson Water Hydrologist Bruce Prior. "This will be the rare occasion where we're not trying to put out a fire but rather helping with one," the Tucson Fire Department told followers on its Facebook page. Read the story in the Tucson Sentinel here.

PUBLIC MEETING TO DISCUSS THE FUTURE USE OF FRED ENKE GOLF COURSE - A public forum on the future of the Fred Enke Golf Course will be held next Wednesday, March 13, at 6:00 p.m., at the Clements Recreation Center at 8155 E. Poinciana Dr. Council Member Shirley Scott, Parks Director Fred Gray and other City staff will be on hand to provide a brief budget overview and history, and hear feedback about possible future uses of the area. Press release from Tucson Parks & Rec.

CONEXION 12: TUCSON'S SPANISH-LANGUAGE PUBLIC AFFAIRS SHOW - Conexión 12 le informa los hechos que son de interés para los hispanos de Tucsón. Mantengase informado de lo más relevante en negocios, salud, educación y los temas de actualidad del mundo de habla hispana. Conexión 12 conducido por Dulce Mascareño.