INICIATIVA DE INMIGRACIÓN PREVÉ PROGRAMA JORNALERO – Una profunda iniciativa de ley sobre inmigración que está tomando forma en el Senado de Estados Unidos contempla reformar el programa nacional de trabajadores agrícolas a fin de que los productores norteamericanos cuenten con un suministro estable de mano de obra, pues este sector empresarial depende más de los jornaleros que han llegado al país sin autorización legal que cualquier otro. En La Estrella.

BORDER PATROL POSTPONES PLAN TO FURLOUGH AGENTS , ELIMINATE OVERTIME – The U.S. Border Patrol is holding off on a plan to furlough all 60,000 members of its workforce due to across-the-board spending cuts from sequestration, citing flexibility gained from a stopgap spending bill signed by President Obama last week. From Government Executive.

RAYTHEON’S TUCSON PLANT TO PRODUCE $156M WORTH OF MISSILES FOR GERMAN NAVY – Raytheon Missile Systems has secured a contract worth $155.6 million dollars to provide Block 2 Rolling Airframe Missiles (“RAM”) for the German Navy. RAM is a light weight and supersonic missile used for defense against anti-ship cruise missiles and helicopters. The missile is already used on 100 or so ships in the U.S., Turkey, Japan, Greece, Egypt, Republic of Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. From NASDAQ.

NEW PARKING RULES, PRICIER PERMITS COMING TO UA CAMPUS – A spokesman for the University of Arizona’s Parking and Transportation Service department says the campus’s Zone 1 parking lots south of Speedway will be converted to lot-specific permit areas, for which permits cost $110 more. The extra revenue will go towards new programs like a smart phone app that tracks the UA shuttle. From KOLD/KMSB.

DRIVING-WHILE-TEXTING BILL DIES IN AZ SENATE – An attempt led by Sen. Steve Farley to revive a bill that would ban texting while driving was rejected yesterday in the Arizona Senate. Farley introduced the proposed ban, which he has introduced every year since joining the Legislature in 2007, as an amendment a related bill. But it failed 16-12 on a party line vote. The City of Tucson passed a ban on texting while driving last year. From the Republic.