WELCOME, MARTHA DURKIN - The City Managers Office is pleased to announce Ms. Martha Durkin, currently General Counsel for the Tucson Unified School District, has accepted the position of Assistant City Manager. Ms. Durkin has extensive experience in local government, having previously served the City of Tucson, Pima County and TUSD. She starts July 1st.

STREETCAR UPDATE: I-10 FRONTAGE TO REOPEN THIS WEEK - The northbound frontage road along Interstate 10 between 22nd Street and Broadway as well as the nearby intersection of Granada Avenue and Cushing Street are scheduled to re-open this week. This will give some commuters a new route into downtown, allowing them to avoid traffic delays caused by the continued construction of the tracks for the modern streetcar, mainly along Broadway. From the Star.

AGENDA SPOTLIGHT: RELOCATING HISTORIC SIGNS - A working group convened by the City's Safe Harbor Program, the mission of which is to mitigate negative impacts of roadway construction projects upon businesses, is recommending that the City provide a sign relocation option to businesses impacted by City street projects. Typically, these projects only pay for the removal of the existing signs and replacing them with signs that compliy with the current sign code, in a new location on the same property. The recommended change would allow such businesses to relocate their historic signs instead, thus preserving them. This option would only be available to owners of signs eligible for designation as Historic Landmark Signs. The item will be discussed in tomorrow's M&C Study Session. Read the M&C memo here.

NO-WHISTLE ZONE PROPOSED FOR RAILROAD CROSSINGS IN DOWNTOWN LINKS AREA - Rail crossings at Ninth Avenue and Sixth Street; Main Avenue and Davis Street; Sixth Street, west of Stone Avenue; and Seventh Avenue and Seventh Street may soon become quieter. "We have 51 to 55 trains a day coming through and that is set to increase because of increased trade with Mexico," says Tucson Department of Transportation project manager Tom Fisher. City consultants are working with the Federal Railroad Administration and have applied for what the federal agency calls "Quiet Zones." From the Star.

DEDICATION FOR "IVAN'S SPOT" JUNE 1 - On Saturday, June 1, at 9 a.m., City officials, members of the law enforcement community and friends will gather at Purple Heart Park, 10050 East Rita Road, to celebrate the life and memory of Ivan, a two year old Belgian Malinois killed in action on December 12 while serving as a TPD K-9. The dog park at Purple Heart Park, where Officer Chris Fenoglio would often take Ivan to run off energy after a shift, will be named "Ivan's Spot." "Ivan gave his life honorably while doing what he was trained to do," said Chief of Police Roberto Villasenor. "Protect the lives of the officers and citizens of this City, and help remove violent individuals from the streets of Tucson." Read the news release from Parks & Rec here.

TUCSON 12: SUPERVISORY CORE SERIES - Tucson 12 visits Supervisory Core Series, a human resources curriculum that teaches new and aspiring supervisors about basic city policy and procedures. The underlying goal of Supervisory Core Series is to inspire employees to examine what they do, and how they do it.
From Tucson 12.