REMINDER: OPEN ENROLLMENT DEADLINE TOMORROW - Tomorrow, May 31st, is the last day for City employees to make changes to their insurance benefits. Even if you do not plan to make changes, all employees are encouraged to print a Confirmation Statement of their insurance coverage, and review life insurance beneficiary and other personal information. More information on the City's open enrollment info page.

SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS IN CITY HALL LOBBY TO TAKE EFFECT SOON - In order to improve the safety of City Hall employees, several new security procedures will be implemented. Visitors will be required to use the north entrance, pass through a metal detector, and have their belongings examined by security personnel. Employees will use the south entrance, and will need their employee badges at all times while in the building. Story from KOLD/KMSB here. Story from the Star here.

PENSION LIABILITIES WORRY CITY'S BOND RATING AGENCY - The latest report on City bonds from the Fitch ratings agency contains both positives and negatives. While Fitch kept the city's bond rating at double A, due to what it said was "manageable debt" and some indicators showing an economic recovery was underway, the agency revised its future outlook for the city from stable to negative, due to a combination of factors including its structural deficit and other long-term obligations. From the Star. Read the M&C memo here.

TODAY'S COUNTY BOND COMMITTEE MEETING CANCELED - Due to an administrative error, today's scheduled Pima County Bond Advisory Committee meeting has been canceled. State law requires public meeting notices to be posted at least 24 hours before the start of the meeting, a step that was not taken by county officials. County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry apologized for the inconvenience and says steps have been taken to ensure the failure is not repeated. From the Star.

PHOENIX CITY COUNCIL BACKS IMMIGRATION OVERHAUL - On Tuesday, the Phoenix City Council voted to endorse a proposed federal immigration overhaul that would create a 13-year road to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States. The proposed reforms were crafted by the so-called Senate Gang of 8, a group that includes Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake. The Tucson Mayor and Council endorsed the bill in February of this year. From KSAZ. Read the M&C memo from 2/26/13 here.

ZOO BLOG: ZOO HEATS UP - Temperatures are rising in Tucson and the Zoo, jam-packed with visitors all spring, is starting to quiet down in the afternoons. But what about the animals? How does the Zoo make sure its animal residents stay healthy and comfortable in warmer weather? From the Reid Park Zoo Blog.