DETECTIVE WORK BY TPD COLD CASE UNIT LEADS TO ARREST IN 1976 HOMICIDE - After more than 37 years, the man suspected of killing Ms. Donna Smith in March of 1976 has been arrested. Smith, then 20 years old, was found dead at her south side residence on March 19, 1979. TPD homicide detectives then identified Smith's live-in boyfriend, Bruce McCullough, as the suspect of the homicide, but could not locate him. The case, which has been the subject of multiple cold case reviews, yielded new information in January of this year. Detectives discovered McCullough had been living in California under a false identity, but had recently begun using his real name. On May 2, he was arrested and jailed in San Diego on a charge of First Degree Murder. He is currently awaiting extradition to Arizona. Read the media release from TPD here. Story from KOLD/KMSB here. Story from the Star here. Story from the San Francisco Chronicle here.

CITY EXPLORING ITS OPTIONS TO RECOVER LATE FEES FROM STREETCAR MANUFACTURER - Oregon Ironworks, the company manufacturing Tucson's streetcar vehicles, is behind schedule. Under their contract with the City, Tucson is owed $250 per day on the late vehicles, of which there are currently three. Among City officials' options are deducting the fees from its progress payments to Oregon Ironworks, collecting the fees after the project is finished, and allowing the company to pay off some fees by including warranties and spare parts for maintenance. Story from KOLD/KMSB here, story from the Star here.

BUSINESS INCENTIVES IN ACTION: CADENCE AND PLAZA CENTRO RETAIL PROJECTS - In an item on today's Study Session agenda, staff is recommending M&C move forward with the approval process for business incentive applications submitted by Capstone Development Partners, developer of The Cadence, and OT Alegria LLC, developer of Plaza Centro Retail. The two properties, located at Congress Street's eastern gateway next to the 4th Avenue underpass, are seeking the Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET) incentive and a HUD 108 loan, respectively. The Cadence is a mixed-use student housing and retail complex expected to accommodate 196 units, targeted to an older, more mature student population. Plaza Centro Retail consists of almost 20,000 square feet of retail space, to be developed as restaurants, bars and stores. Read the M&C memo here. Download the incentive Application for Plaza Centro Retail (HUD 108) here. Download the incentive Application for The Cadence (GPLET) here.

AGENDA SPOTLIGHT: PARKWISE FINANCIAL FORECAST, EQUIPMENT UPGRADES, AND RATES - ParkWise is asking M&C to authorize funding for upgrades to its on-street metering and off-street access and revenue control systems, and to adopt a new schedule of rates and fees, at today's Study Session. Additionally, ParkWise will present a five-year financial forecast which shows a replenishment of its reserve to approximately $2 million by the end of FY2018.
Read the M&C memo here. Download the ParkWise five-year financial forecast slide presentation here.

TUCSON 12: CYCLOVIA 2013 - Twice last month, sections of City streets closed for Cyclovia Tucson, an annual free event celebrating cyclists, walkers, joggers, skaters and all other forms of people-powered movement. Tucson 12's cameras were there to capture it.