TPD FAMILY HOPES TO COLLECT 1,600 BIRTHDAY CARDS FOR SPECIAL TEEN - Jacob Mockbee, son of TPD Sergeant Jeff Mockbee, was born with Spina Bifida. He will be 16 this Sunday. To celebrate his birthday, his parents started a social media campaign to get him 1,600 birthday cards. Cards have come in from well-wishers all over the world, including celebrities like football star Kurt Warner, food network star Giada and the Tim Tebow Foundation. If you'd like to send Jacob a card, there are four days left. Address them to Jacob Mockbee at 8987 E. Tanque Verde #309-104. Tucson, AZ 85749-9399. From KOLD/KMSB.

TUCSON WATER CUSTOMERS TARGETED BY PHONE SCAM - Tucson Water has received complaints from customers who were contacted by telephone and asked to provide certain information to prevent termination of their water service. The callers were falsely representing themselves as Tucson Water employees, asserting that customers payments were past due, and attempting to obtain payment information. "We do not initiate outbound delinquency notification by phone calls," said Fernando Molina, Tucson Water Public Information Officer. "We only call customers if they have initiated contact with us to address other issues they are trying to resolve." Customers may verify their account and status of service information by contacting Tucson Water Customer Service at (520) 791-3242. Read the news release from Tucson Water here, story in the Star here.

FIRST PRODUCTION-LINE STREETCAR FROM UNITED STREETCAR BEGINS CARRYING PASSENGERS IN PORTLAND - The second Portland Streetcar produced by United Streetcar in Clackamas County officially went into service yesterday morning. The first car, a prototype, has been in service since last year. But completing and certifying the second car took longer than expected. Now, company officials say, they hope to deliver the last of the six streetcars ordered by Portland later this summer and begin producing streetcars for other American cities that are starting their own streetcar lines. Tucson and Washington DC have both placed orders with United Streetcar, which is owned by Oregon Iron Works. Tucson is expected to receive its first streetcar from United Streetcar late this summer. Story in the Portland Tribune here, story in the Oregonian here.

GOV. BREWER CALLS LEGISLATURE INTO SURPRISE SPECIAL SESSION - Frustrated over weeks of delay over her top legislative priority, Gov. Jan Brewer called an unprecedented special session yesterday afternoon, bypassing the leadership of her own party to push through Medicaid expansion and the 2014 budget. The Governor's surprise move comes after House Speaker Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, adjourned until Thursday, stalling efforts by a bipartisan House coalition to pass Brewer's 2014 budget and Medicaid expansion. From the Republic.

CONTRACT OPPORTUNITY: TRANSIT SURVEY - The City is seeking a contractor to plan and manage a comprehensive on-board survey that includes all routes of Sun Tran, Sun Express, Sun Shuttle, Cat Tran, and Downtown Loop. The On-Board survey must be conducted over a two-week period in late September/early October 2013, to be mutually determined by Sun Tran and the contractor. Data collected in the survey will include riders travel patterns, frequency of use, demographics and customer satisfaction. Read the City of Tucson RFP here.