DEADLINE TO SUBMIT ARGUMENTS FOR OR AGAINST CITY BALLOT PROPOSITIONS IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7 - Three questions may appear on City of Tucson voters’ ballots this November: (1) Prop. 201, Initiative Petition # 2013-I004 Sustainable Retirement Benefits Act; (2) Prop. 401, a permanent increase to the City’s base expenditure limit; and (3) Prop. 402, Plan Tucson the City’s General and Sustainability Plan. The City Clerk’s office is now accepting written arguments for or against propositions 201 and 401. Arguments will not be accepted on Prop. 402, as no provision is made for this under state law. Written arguments must be received by the Clerk by 5 p.m. Wednesday, August 7, 2013. Arguments must not exceed 300 words. The cost per argument is $240.
Public Notice with instructions from the Office of the Clerk (English). Aviso Público con las instrucciones de la Secretaria Municipal (Español).

PUBLIC HEARING TO BE HELD FOR TPD REACCREDITATION - The Tucson community is invited to a public hearing this weekend as part of an assessment of the Tucson Police Department. The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. will examine TPD's policies, procedures, management, and listen to public comment as part of an examination for TPD's voluntary process to gain reaccreditation, a well-regarded recognition of public safety professional excellence. Story from KOLD/KMSB here, news release from TPD here.

TUCSON FOOD BANK HELPS FAMILIES IN NEED GROW THEIR OWN FOOD - Food banks around the country face growing demand, despite improvements in the economy. Many families are still underemployed and struggling. So some food banks are looking for more permanent ways to address hunger, beyond handing out food. One of them is Tucson’s Community Food Bank. Among the many programs it runs is Las Milpitas de Cottonwood, a community farm located in one of the city's lower-income neighborhoods. More than 50 families have garden plots there. Most, like Jamie Senik, who lives in a nearby trailer park, are regular clients at the food bank. From NPR.

TUCSON WATER: EXAMPLES OF RAINWATER HARVESTING - Rain nurtures the plants and wildlife of the Sonoran Desert. It restores our water table. But here, rain is seasonal and rarely falls. For ancient desert dwellers, capturing and using rainwater for drinking and irrigating crops often meant the difference between survival and extinction. Up to 45% of the water we use is for outdoor irrigation. In a short video, Tucson Water examines some of the ways rainwater is captured and used. From Tucson Water.

NO GREEK FESTIVAL THIS YEAR - The 2013 Tucson Greek Festival has been Canceled That due to a fire destroyed the St. Demetrios Orthodox Church in May. The annual fundraiser held each September attracts thousands of people to the north-side church and offers Greek food and beverages, traditional music and dances. A jazz concert to raise money for the church's restoration is set for Aug. 27 at the Fox Theatre. From the Star.