EMOTIONAL JOURNEY TO PRESCOTT TODAY FOR SOME TUCSON FIREFIGHTERS – Some local firefighters are making plans to head to Prescott Valley to honor the fallen firefighters. "It is heavily charged with emotion," said TFD captain Andy Trujillo, a member of the Tucson Fire Honor Guard who has participated in many memorial services. Firefighters from several Tucson area fire departments are getting ready for the trip to Prescott Valley for the memorial not just to participate in honor guard, but many are volunteering to just be present and show their support. "This profession is all about family, and for us to be there for each other," said Chris Conger, vice president of Tucson Firefighters Association. "This is an awful time for our large family, and we want to be there for the people who lost their brothers and sisters. We want to be there for the families to show support however we can." From KVOA.

AGENDA SPOTLIGHT: CHANGES TO THE WATER SERVICE AREA POLICY – At their Study Session today, M&C is expected to review several proposed changes to the City’s Water Service Area Policy, the policy that defines eligibility for water service from Tucson Water. Among the proposed changes are concessions to developers who meet criteria for the City’s Primary Jobs Incentive program, concessions to developers who meet certain open space requirements, the establishment of an administrative review board to which developers can appeal Tucson Water denials, and the opportunity for developers denied by this board to appeal their cases to M&C. After reviewing the proposed changes in today’s Study Session, M&C will have the opportunity to approve them in tonight’s Regular Session. Read the M&C memo on proposed changes here. Legal text of proposed changes here. Story in today’s Star here.

PRIVATE MANAGEMENT PROPOSED FOR TCC – After a review of industry research and stakeholder input, City Manager Richard Miranda is recommending that M&C authorize a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit a private contractor to manage the Tucson Convention Center. Fletcher McCusker, chair of the Rio Nuevo board, expressed optimism about the change. "I'm a big proponent of privatization,” he said. “I think the private sector is much more efficient, more specialized and much more capable." Read the M&C memo here. Story in the Star here.

GUN BAN SOUGHT ON SUN TRAN, BUT STATE LAWMAKERS NOT LIKELY TO HELP – Complaints about guns on Sun Tran busses have prompted Tucson City Council member Steve Kozachik to say firearms should be banned from the City’s transit system. But such a ban would require approval from the Arizona Legislature, an unlikely prospect. State Senator Steve Farley, (D) Tucson, said that while he does not consider the current legislature likely to relax any more laws that involve firearms, he also does not see any stricter gun laws as possibilities, either. He also added that with the legislature and Tucson being at odds over gun buybacks earlier this year, usually what Tucson wants will meet opposition from the legislative majority. From KOLD/KMSB.

OVER 100 TUCSON PHYSICIANS NAMED TO “BEST DOCTORS IN AMERICA” LIST – More than 100 Tucson physicians with The University of Arizona Health Network are ranked among the 2013 Best Doctors in America, a nationally compiled list published by Best Doctors Inc. The list includes about 45,000 U.S. physicians in more than 40 specialties and 400 subspecialties of medicine, and represents the top 3 to 5 percent of specialists in the country. The list is based on a biennial survey of tens of thousands of leading physicians who were asked whom they would go to for treatment in their own specialty. From UA News.