NEW TFD RESCUE UNIT SAVES DEPARTMENT RESOURCES - TFD has created a new program to help alleviate the emergency call load in its busiest part of town. The new Rescue 8 response truck is a pickup truck staffed by an EMT and a paramedic, said Rob Rodriguez, TFD deputy chief of operations. Rescue 8 is housed at the TFD's station eight, located near Prince Road and Oracle Road. "The response model is a bit complicated, but basically we send Rescue 8 if they're closer than other advanced life support units, known as paramedic ambulances," Rodriguez said. "For those calls requiring ALS skills, the rescue truck is not sent in lieu of the medic ambulance but in addition to it. The underlying response concept is to send the closest appropriate unit for the emergency at hand." On average the Rescue 8 truck responds to ten calls a day. From Arizona Public Media.

COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR SEEKS TO DELAY, MODIFY BOND PROPOSAL - Citing numerous concerns, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has recommended delaying the County's next bond election until 2015. Among Huckelberry's concerns were the current size of the tax base, the results of a recent online survey conducted by the County, and proposed projects that are privately owned, which he says "raise practical concerns regarding how the county would ensure the long-term public investment for which voters and bond buyers hold the county accountable." Additionally, Huckelberry is now suggesting that the Committee consider a road repair item, something the County has thus far avoided using general obligation bonds to finance. Huckelberry suggested dividing $50M among jurisdictions based on assessed property value, on the condition of each jurisdiction providing matching funds. About 57% of Pima County's bond revenue is collected within incorporated cities and towns. About 41% is collected in the City of Tucson. From the Star.

NEW PEDESTRIAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETS FOR FIRST TIME TOMORROW - The 13-member City of Tucson Pedestrian Advisory Committee will meet for the first time on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at the Transit Services Office, 149 North Stone Avenue downtown. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the second floor conference room. The Mayor and Council approved the creation of the committee in February 2013 in a response to concerns over pedestrian safety and interest from the community in making Tucson a more walkable city. The Pedestrian Advisory Committee's mission is to provide input from a pedestrian perspective on major projects during the design phase of roadway improvements, bridges, street repaving and Plan Tucson.

ZOO'S NEW GRIZZLY EXHIBIT OPENS THIS THURSDAY - Grizzly Crossing, a brown bear exhibit at the City's Reid Park Zoo, will open to the public this Thursday at 9 a.m. The two orphaned grizzly bears, Ronan and Finley, arrived from Montana in July. The brother and sister yearlings were estimated to be approximately 18 months old at the time of rescue. They were removed from the wild because they were learning dangerous behaviors from their mother, and were considered a public safety hazard. The Grizzly Crossing habitat, which used to house polar bears, was modified for the grizzly bear species, including the addition of shallow water areas and a running stream.

STARTUP WEEKEND BOOSTS TUCSON ENTREPRENEURS - This weekend, some 40 creative minds will get together in downtown Tucson to take innovative business ideas and push them along as far as possible in 54 hours to see if they are viable. The event is the third Tucson edition of Startup Weekend, a nationwide series of events hosted by the nonprofit Startup Tucson at the Gangplank Tucson co-working space downtown. From the Star.