TPD CONSIDERING EQUIPPING OFFICERS WITH MINIATURE CAMERAS - TPD is considering equipping its officers with small cameras that can be worn on the chest or behind the ear. The cameras, which have already been tested by a few officers during a pilot program, will create an audiovisual record of conversations, witness statements and other events. "During the pilot program what we discovered was the technology is very promising for the future," says Assistant Chief John Leavitt. From KOLD/KMSB.

REID PARK ZOO HAS A PREGNANT ELEPHANT - The City's Reid Park Zoo is pleased to announce that Litsemba (nickname Semba), a 24 year old African elephant, is pregnant. Breeding behavior was observed between Semba and the Zoos bull Mabu in October, and the pregnancy was recently confirmed by urinary hormonal analysis. Semba will give birth sometime between late June and August of 2014. Elephants have a 22-23 month gestation period. From KVOA.

AIRPORT ADOPTS SMALLER BUDGET, REDUCES CHARGES TO AIRLINES - The board of the Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) has adopted a $59.4 million operating and capital budget for the 2014 fiscal year starting Oct. 1, a $9 million decrease from fiscal 2013. The decrease is mainly due to a smaller capital-improvement program, which is funded mainly by federal grants and fluctuates yearly, according to officials. But total revenue also is expected to decline, by 5.6 percent, not including estimated airline landing fees, as passenger levels are expected to drop 5 percent from 2013 due to reduced seating capacity. The budget includes a reduction in landing fees, to $1.21 per 1,000 pounds of landed weight from $1.31 currently, one of the lowest in the nation for comparable-sized airports. "Keeping airline costs down encourages the lowest ticket prices possible for our customers and shows the airlines that Tucson International Airport is a good place for them to do business," said TAA President and CEO Bonnie Allin. From the Star.

TWO MORE BUSINESSES TO OPEN NEW OFFICES DOWNTOWN - Two established businesses, both service providers to other businesses, have decided to open new offices downtown. BizAnytime, a software company that provides bundled, cloud-based services to make it easier to work remotely, is relocating this week from its foothills offices to 124 W. Cushing St. CyraCom International, Inc., a language services company, opened a business-development office in the Pioneer Building at 100 S. Stone Ave. From the Star.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: FLEET SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR - The City of Tucson's General Services Department is seeking a highly competent, experienced fleet executive to lead the Fleet Services Division. Fleet Services provides direct vehicle, fuel and equipment support to all City of Tucson operations. This division is responsible for purchasing, maintaining, repairing, and disposing of City vehicles and their associated equipment excluding Fire apparatus and ladder trucks. The division also purchases, stores and dispenses all fuels used by City vehicles. Successful applicant will have a Bachelor's Degree in Business or Public Administration or related field, At least five years of continuous supervisory experience in fleet management, and a valid drivers license. Position closes 10/6/13. City of Tucson job listing.