NewsNet 04-04-14

ARIZONA BOARD OF REGENTS (ABOR) GUARANTEES INCOMING UA FRESHMAN STEADY TUITION FOR FOUR YEARS - While freshman entering the University of Arizona this fall will pay nearly 5.4 percent more than those who arrived last year, they won't have to worry about any tuition hikes during the next four years. ABOR approved the changes yesterday, meaning incoming freshman who live in Arizona will pay $10,957 a year for base tuition and fees. In-state undergraduates returning to the UA will pay an extra 1.8 percent, bringing their total tuition and fees to $10,581. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

TAKE THE NATIONAL MAYOR'S CHALLENGE FOR WATER CONSERVATION - Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Tucson Water are asking residents to participate in the Wyland Foundation's National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation and help Tucson repeat its 2013 first-place showing. Online pledges can be made through April 30 at Residents are encouraged to save water by doing simple things, such as fixing leaky faucets and using low-flow fixtures. The challenge is a city-friendly competition started by mayors in Florida and Southern California. It became a national event in 2012.

CACTUS AND COLOR BOWLS ADDING TO DOWNTOWN STREETSCAPE - Planters with a variety of species of cactus, flowers and other plants are showing up downtown to inject natural beauty into the area. They also have another purpose - making a more-friendly and defined space for people, via a process called streetscaping. The project of the Downtown Tucson Partnership has a variety of plants in more than 50 locations around Downtown Tucson.

UGANDAN ORPHANS CHOIR TO PERFORM IN TUCSON TOMORROW - The Reid Park Zoo is welcoming the Ugandan Orphans Choir tomorrow. The Choir will perform in Expedition Tanzania at 10:30 a.m. and again at 1 p.m. The performances are free with regular Zoo admission. The Ugandan Orphans Choir consists of 10 sponsored orphans from the Ssese Islands in Uganda. The children perform for audiences across the country with authentic African tribal drumming, dancing and singing.

PREPARE FOR BRUSH FIRES - Spring cleaning doesn't just mean clearing the clutter from inside your house. In this week's "No Bad Days with Barrett" on KGUN9, Tucson Fire Captain Barrett Baker says it's also important to clean around the outside to create a defensible space to keep your home safe from brush fires. Read more from KGUN9.

NEED HELP STARTING OR EXPANDING A BUSINESS IN TUCSON? CALL THE SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE LINE - The City of Tucson's Small Business Assistance Line, (520) 837-4100, is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Help is available in both English and Spanish. Staff from the City Manager's Office of Economic Initiatives answer the calls. The Small Business Assistance Line is one of a number of City initiatives, along with 21 new business incentives, streamlined permit processes and more, to make the City of Tucson more business-friendly.

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NewsNet 04-03-14

CYCLOVIA TUCSON IS THIS WEEKEND - This Sunday's Cyclovia Tucson event, which runs from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., is meant to connect neighborhoods in and around Downtown Tucson (starting at Armory Park) to the City of South Tucson, which also is planning a festival that day. That festival runs from noon - 7 p.m. along South Fourth Avenue, from 36th Street to 28th Street, and will feature live music, vendors and food carts, activities for children, dancing, and entertainment. The twice-a-year Cyclovia bicycling event in Tucson is in its fifth year and is a project of the Living Streets Alliance, a non-profit advocacy organization to help transform streets into vibrant places for walking, bicycling, socializing and play. For information and maps, follow the links below. Read more from Downtown Tucson Partnership.

FORESTRY OFFICIALS PREDICT ACTIVE WILDFIRE SEASON THIS SUMMER - Citing a third consecutive year of drought, state forestry officials are urging Arizona residents to be vigilant in the forests this fire season. They say the dry conditions in the mountains this month are similar to what typically is seen in May. While Arizona's high country is at risk, State Forester Scott Hunt says the lower-elevation deserts in Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma should see a lower fire potential this year compared to last year. Read more from KJZZ.

'FIX IT FRIDAY' DOWNTOWN - Do you need something fixed, modified, or just want to take it apart to see how it works? Bring the item to the Maker House and they'll help you do it. The free, weekly Friday event runs from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Free parking is available in the Franklin lot, across the street from Maker House at 283 N. Stone Ave.

ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (ADOT) SEEKING PUBLIC COMMENT ON FIVE-YEAR PLAN - The public comment period is underway for ADOT's 2015-2019 Tentative Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program. The plan is updated every year and serves as a blueprint that details where, when, and how regional, state and federal funding will be spent for projects over the next five years to improve the Arizona's transportation infrastructure. A public hearing will be held April 11 at 9 a.m. in the Town of Marana Council Chambers, 11555 W. Civic Center Drive. The plan is online for review at ADOT's website, linked below. View the news release.

HOW TO REPORT TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS - Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk? You can report these issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to You also can use the SeeClickFix website and app.
SeeClickFix app for Android
SeeClickFix app for iOS

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NewsNet 04-02-14

URBAN SPRAWL LINKED TO REDUCED HEALTH & ECONOMIC MOBILITY - A new report from the University of Utah’s Metropolitan Research Center and Smart Growth America demonstrates new links between a region's development policies and quality-of-life indicators. The more urban sprawl there is in a region, the more likely there is reduced life expectancy and decreased chances of upward mobility for residents compared to more compact cities. The group's prior research linked sprawling development to obesity, traffic fatalities, inefficient energy use, and even depression. Pima County/Metro Tucson's composite score is 78.92, ranking it 171 on the list of 221 metropolitan areas surveyed. Read more from Governing.

TUCSON DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (TDOT) AND TUCSON ELECTRIC POWER (TEP) REPLACING TREES - TEP now will remove trees growing into overhead utility lines. For each tree that is removed, TDOT will replace it with two new trees that are shorter in stature or replanted in an area away from overhead utility lines. The replacement trees will be watered with irrigation lines already in place. The new program will reduce maintenance costs for TEP and will improve the aesthetics and tree canopy of the city’s landscape. Previously, trees growing into overhead power lines were pruned with a ‘V’ cut, which reshapes the tree’s canopy into an unnatural shape. Read the news release.

PHOENIX BUSINESSMAN CHARLES KEATING DIES - The man notorious for the Savings-and-Loan scandal of the late 1980s died late Monday at the age of 90. Before becoming a well-known name to the nation in the scandal, Charles H. Keating Jr. developed what some in Phoenix call the "crown jewels" of the Valley, and he was well-known for his charitable works. In 1989, federal regulators seized control of his Lincoln Savings-and-Loan company and Keating's other holdings, alleging that he looted the federally-backed Lincoln Savings at taxpayer expense, sank money into risky ventures and cheated the company's investors. Keating was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison, but served just 50 months before the conviction was overturned on a technicality. In 1999, he pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud and was sentenced to time served. Read more from the Arizona Republic.

CITY OF TUCSON ACCEPTING PUBLIC COMMENTS ON ANNUAL ACTION PLAN FOR FEDERAL ENTITLEMENT FUNDS - The City of Tucson is preparing an Annual Action Plan outlining the project investments that will be made with approximately $8 million of entitlement funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for Fiscal Year 2015. This Annual Action Plan must be adopted by the Mayor and Council and submitted to HUD before the City can make local project expenditures. The public comment period starts Friday and runs through May 3. More details are available in the news release and from the City of Tucson Housing and Community Development department.

SCORE A DEAL ON CITY SURPLUS - Need a bus? How about a crew cab with a crane? Maybe a van better fits your needs? You can find these items and more on the City of Tucson's surplus auction website.

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NewsNet 04-01-14

ZEBRA DIES IN ACCIDENT AT REID PARK ZOO - The young Grevy's zebra, named Ajani, was born at Reid Park Zoo a year and 7 months ago and died yesterday morning during the preparation for routine, required vaccinations. Shortly after being separated from the rest of the herd, Ajani was suddenly startled by another zebra in an adjacent area and ran into the normal enclosure barrier, fracturing his neck. Zoo officials say the incident occurred in an interior area of the exhibit, not visible to the public. Zookeepers witnessed the accident and the veterinary team immediately performed CPR in attempts to revive the zebra. While a full post-mortem exam will be completed, an X-ray on site revealed the physical trauma to the vertebrae was not survivable. Read the news release.

STOLEN JFK BUST RECOVERED - After sitting idle for almost 50 years at El Presidio Park in Downtown Tucson, the bronze bust of the head of John F. Kennedy was ripped from its concrete base last December and hadn't been seen until this past Saturday. A couple walking in a westside wash says they found the bust in a pot turned upside down and took it to a recycling center to turn it in, but they didn't want any money. Tucson Parks and Recreation Administrator Peg Weber identified the bust, which is in pretty good shape, except for a few gashes at the lower part that was near the base. Read more from KGUN9.

APRIL IS WATER AWARENESS MONTH IN ARIZONA - Tucson Water and several Tucson City Council Members are hosting four public sessions this month to discuss water. Topics include present and future water resources, long-range planning, water quality and safety, investment in infrastructure and technology, and drought. The first session will be held tonight from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at the Pima County Housing Center, 801 W. Congress St. For more information, call the Ward 1 Council Office, (520) 791-4040.

BIKE FEST BEGINS TODAY - Today is the first day of the month-long Bike Fest in Pima County. Approximately 40 events and activities will take place during the month of April, including Walk and Roll to School Day (April 4), Cyclovia Tucson (April 6), Greater Arizona Bicycling Association Swap Meet, and Bike to Work Day (April 23rd). You can find a complete listing of events at the URL below. Bike Fest is a program of Living Streets Alliance, in partnership with City of Tucson, Pima County Department of Environmental Quality, Pima Association of Governments, and numerous local businesses and community organizations.

GET THE LATEST TUCSON NEWS AND INFORMATION ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER - "Like" the City of Tucson on Facebook to get the latest news, community updates and fun facts about Tucson local government and our community. You can also "Follow" the City of Tucson on Twitter for timely, concise updates throughout the day.

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NewsNet 03-31-14

URBAN LAND INSTITUTE (ULI) ISSUES FINAL REPORT - The ULI, an independent global nonprofit that provides leadership in real estate development and responsible land use, visited Tucson in November to provide a technical assessment for underutilized properties in Downtown Tucson. The ULI team toured the downtown area and met with many downtown and community stakeholders in both the public and private sectors. The final recommendations include a small-scale, incremental development strategy instead of a single, large-scale approach. Read the report and watch video of the preliminary report from November.

STREETCAR OPERATOR TRAINING UNDERWAY - Eighteen newly-hired drivers are in the process of learning how to operate the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar. The new operators must complete an intensive training schedule that includes both in-classroom and behind-the-wheel testing and training. Sun Link Streetcar passenger service is expected to begin in late July. Read more from Tucson News Now.

REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY BEGINS RESEARCH ON SECOND ROUND OF BONDS -  The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board last week voted to have staff research a second round of bond financing totalling between $125 million to $175 million. The first round of bonds funded several large regional roadway projects and construction of the Sun Link Streetcar project. The RTA is studying whether to issue the second round of bonds this year, during what it feels is a favorable climate for both interest rates and construction bids. The RTA manages the $2.1 billion regional transportation plan approved by Pima County voters on May 16, 2006. Read the news release and agenda material from March 27 meeting.

TUCSON CITY NEWS IN REVIEW - A diversion program helps veterans out of the court system and into treatment; a learning experience on wheels delivers a message about conservation; and a garden oasis provides a special place for spiritual reflection . Catch up on the news you may have missed on the latest edition of Tucson City News in Review, produced by Tucson 12.

SUNNYSIDE LITTLE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SIGNS POSTED - Little League Softball World Series championship signs were unveiled to the public over the weekend at Mission Manor Park. Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres and the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation department hosted a ceremony to recognize the first time in 23 years that the Little League Softball™ World Series champion is from the West Region. After defeating McLean, Va. 9-0 last August, the Sunnyside Little League girls 12 and under team from Tucson became the state’s first-ever champions. Also recognized with a sign is the 1992 Sunnyside Little League Junior Baseball champions. Read the news release.

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NewsNet 03-27-14

HUNDREDS GATHER TO HONOR FALLEN FIRE INVESTIGATOR - A Color Guard led a procession of public safety officers and others this morning in honor of Tucson Fire Investigator Tom Quesnel, who died from leukemia earlier this month. Doctors determined the cancer to be work-related. Quesnel began his career with Tucson Fire in 1989 and became a Fire Cause Investigator in 1994. The walking procession began at Tucson Police Department Headquarters (270 S. Stone) and ended with a memorial service at Fire Central downtown (300 S. Fire Central Pl.). View the Tucson Fire Department's Facebook page.

TUCSON UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (TUSD) APPROVES POLICY TO PROTECT TRANSGENDER STUDENTS, STAFF, AND OTHERS - The TUSD Governing Board last night revised its non-discrimination policy. The policy previously prohibited discrimination based on disability, race, color, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, age or national origin. The revision added "gender identity or expression" to the list. The policy change was prompted by a situation within the district, although details were not discussed publicly. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

WILDCATS HOPE TO ADVANCE TO ELITE EIGHT TONIGHT - The Arizona Wildcats take on the San Diego State Aztecs tonight in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Basketball Tournament in Anaheim. Tipoff is scheduled for 7:17 on TBS. The winner will play Saturday against the winner of tonight's Baylor - Wisconsin game.

SURVEY DEADLINE APPROACHING FOR TRANSPORTATION PLAN - Tuesday (April 1) is the deadline to weigh in on the Pima Association of Government's (PAG) 2045 Regional Transportation Plan. The survey is the beginning of a nearly two-year effort to update the PAG region's long-range transportation plan. The PAG region encompasses all of Pima County and includes the Cities of Tucson and South Tucson; the Towns of Marana, Oro Valley, and Sahuarita; unincorporated Pima County; the Pascua Yaqui Tribe; and the Tohono O'odham Nation. PAG is in the process of prioritizing more than $17 billion in transportation spending over the next 30 years.

CATCH UP ON THE LATEST NEWS ABOUT THE REID PARK ZOO - Reid Park Zoo is bursting with pride after introducing its four new lion cubs to the public. It has been a busy several weeks at the Zoo for the pride and staff. Watch Tucson 12's Zoo News for a summary of the journey, and re-live the excitement of the cubs' birth and first outing in front of the public.

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NewsNet 03-26-14

PROCESSION AND MEMORIAL SERVICE TOMORROW FOR FALLEN TUCSON FIRE INVESTIGATOR - Services will be held tomorrow for Tucson Fire Investigator Tom Quesnel, who died from leukemia on March 14. Doctors determined the cancer to be work-related. Quesnel began his career with Tucson Fire in 1989 and became a Fire Cause Investigator in 1994. He spent the last 20 years investigating nearly 3,000 fires throughout the Southwest. Services will be held tomorrow at 10 a.m. starting at Tucson Police Department Headquarters (270 S. Stone), followed by a walking procession from that location to Fire Central downtown (300 S. Fire Central Pl.), where the memorial service will take place. The attire for the ceremony will be Dress Uniform with hat. Parking is available in the southwest portion of the TCC parking lot. Learn more at the Tucson Fire Department Facebook page.

CITY MANAGER PROVIDES BUDGET FRAMEWORK TO MAYOR AND COUNCIL - Tucson City Manager Richard Miranda yesterday formally presented an outline of his plan to help the City reduce its nearly $27.2 million deficit for next fiscal year. The plan includes reorganizing some departments and personnel to make government more efficient, while maintaining core public services. Many of the changes would affect the Parks and Recreation department. Even with the proposed changes, another $2 million would need to be cut to balance the budget. There are several more discussions and public hearings that will take place before Mayor and Council adopts a final budget before the end of June. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star and view the PowerPoint presentation.

ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY: ASSAULT SUSPECT - Tucson Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect who reportedly attacked an 18-year-old student on her way to Alta Vista High School. The student says she was walking to school yesterday when she was approached  by a male on Iowa Drive, just west of Campbell Avenue. She says the man grabbed her from behind and told her not to scream, but she did scream and managed to get away. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 30s, 5'07" tall, 150 pounds, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a scar on his right arm. Police have released a composite sketch of the suspect, attached to the news release.

PIMA COUNTY CONSTANTLY CLEANING LITTER - In preparation for the summer monsoon, Pima County officials are stepping up normal efforts to clean litter from washes and storm drains. Heavy rain brings more trash into washes and storm drains, so cleaning it now will make it easier on workers later. Pima County Principal Hydrologist Marie Light says 60-inch storm drains collect all the trash and junk people don't throw away or dump intentionally. The County gets about 1,200 environmental complaints each year, she says, and half are about trash. Read more from KVOA.

LEARN ABOUT STREETCAR SAFETY - As the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar vehicles go through testing in preparation for a summer start, the streetcar's management team continues to educate community members and streetcar operators about safety. Sun Link's "Be Street-Smart" educational safety campaign is an ongoing effort to educate citizens about the streetcars presence and how to be safe around the tracks.

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NewsNet 03-25-14

STUDY: NEARLY A THIRD OF ARIZONANS HAD INADEQUATE OR NO HEALTH INSURANCE IN 2012 - A new study shows 32 percent of Arizonans — 1.8 million people — were either uninsured or underinsured in 2012. The report, released today by the Commonwealth Fund, found 79 million people under the age of 65 were uninsured or underinsured in the United States, putting them at risk of not being able to afford needed health care or medical bills in 2012, before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The open enrollment deadline to sign up for health insurance under the ACA is March 31. The next enrollment period begins Nov. 15. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

GROUP WANTS CITY IDENTIFICATION CARDS TO PROTECT UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS - The Protection Network Coalition in Tucson wants to issue undocumented immigrants City identification cards to prevent immigration investigations and provide other benefits. Proponents say the effort is modeled after a similar program in Oakland. Under the plan, the Tucson ID could be used as a bus pass, in health clinics, or even as a bank card. It also would be recognized by all City services including law enforcement, meaning Tucson Police would not have to call immigration enforcement in specific situations. Tucson City Council Member Regina Romero says the cards would be great for the economy, but she says Pima County would be a better choice to run the program, since it would be able to cover more people and services. Opponents of the card say it amounts to amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Read more from KVOA.

REID PARK ZOO WELCOMES NEW OTTER - "Hasani," a male African spotted-necked otter, came to the Reid Park Zoo from the Toledo Zoo on Feb. 20, but only went on exhibit last week. The one-year-old is easily distinguishable from female “Pfeiffer” by his white upper lip. Zoo officials say Hasani and Pfeiffer have become fast friends, and can be seen swimming and playing together on exhibit each day. Learn more about Hasani.

YLAND FOUNDATION PROMOTES WATER CONSERVATION - The Wyland Foundation's National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation begins next month. To get ready for the challenge, which Tucson won last year, Wyland's Mobile Learning Experience recently visited a Tucson school to teach children about the importance of clean water and conservation. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that encourages environmental awareness through educational programs, public art, and community events. Watch the story on Tucson 12.

TUCSON FIRE DEPARTMENT URGES RESIDENTS TO HAVE AN ESCAPE PLAN - One of the best ways to stay safe in an emergency is to know how to deal with it before it happens. Tucson Fire officials say every family should develop an escape plan and practice it. In the latest KGUN9 installment of "No Bad Days with Barrett," Fire Captain Barrett Baker offers some tips on formulating a plan and being prepared.

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NewsNet 03-24-14

WILDCATS SWEET 16-BOUND IN NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT - After a decisive 84-61 win yesterday over the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the Arizona Wildcats are preparing for their Sweet 16 matchup in Anaheim, California, against the San Diego State Aztecs, just after at 7:15 p.m. Thursday. The game will be televised on TBS. The Wildcats beat San Diego State 69-60 in their last matchup on Nov. 14. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

STUDY SESSION SPECIAL MEETING TOMORROW - The Mayor and Tucson City Council will hold a special Study Session tomorrow afternoon to discuss the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget being proposed by City Manager Richard Miranda. The plan addresses a $30 million budget gap, which includes reorganizing some departments and personnel to make government more efficient. The meeting begins at 4:30 p.m. in Mayor and Council Chambers, with a live broadcast and streaming on Tucson 12. Read the agenda materials and watch the meeting live on Tucson 12.

STREETCAR CELEBRATION: DESTINATION DOWNTOWN - Come see the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar tomorrow afternoon and visit some of the downtown shops, restaurants, and entertainment and culture attractions along the 3.9-mile streetcar route. To get discounts, sign up at the Friends of the Tucson Streetcar booth, which will be at 216 E. Congress Street. Many businesses will be offering specials during the event, which runs from 5 p.m.-8 p.m. tomorrow.
Downtown Tucson Partnership

TEEN VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT ZOO - The Reid Park Zoo is recruiting teenagers to help teach Zoo visitors about wildlife and conservation, and assist with special events at the Zoo. Teen volunteers, who must attend an intensive training course in June, do not work with zookeepers or behind the scenes. Applications are available now. The deadline to apply is April 1. Learn more about the volunteer program.

HOW TO MANAGE HARD WATER AND OTHER TIPS FROM TUCSON WATER - Get tips on how to manage hard water, increase dishwasher efficiency, flush your water heater, check faucet aerators and more. Information is available in English and Spanish. You can download, print, or request a mailed copy of the tips. You can also learn how to pay your water bill online and stop and start service. Read more from Tucson Water.

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NewsNet 03-21-14

PROCESSION SCHEDULED FOR FALLEN TUCSON FIRE INVESTIGATOR - Services are planned for next week for Tucson Fire Investigator Tom Quesnel, who died this week from leukemia. Doctors determined the cancer to be work-related. Quesnel began his career with Tucson Fire in 1989 and became a Fire Cause Investigator in 1994. He was scheduled to retire at the end of next year. Services will be held next Thursday, staring at 10 a.m. A walking procession will start at Tucson Police Department Headquarters (270 S. Stone), ending at Fire Central downtown (300 S. Fire Central Pl.), where the memorial service will take place. The attire for the ceremony will be Dress Uniform with hat. Parking is available in the southwest portion of the TCC parking lot. Read more at the
Tucson Fire Department Facebook page.

TUCSON POLICE OFFICER SAVES MAN'S LIFE - The Tucson Police Department (TPD) is recognizing Officer Noe Mendoza for his lifesaving act last Friday when he applied a tourniquet to a victim who suffered critical stab wounds. The victim sustained a wound that severed one of his arteries. Before Emergency Medical Services (EMS) could arrive to render aid, Officer Mendoza was forced to make a critical decision. Based on his training and experience, he used the tourniquet contained in the Department's newly-issued Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). Officer Mendoza's quick thinking afforded him the ability to minimize most of the bleeding, which if not applied could have been fatal for the victim. EMS arrived shortly afterward and was able to transport the victim to a local hospital where he received further treatment. Read more from TPD's Facebook page.

DEADLINE APPROACHING TO SIGN UP FOR HEALTHCARE UNDER AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) - March 31 is the deadline for people to buy health insurance under the ACA. Anyone who misses that deadline will not be able to enroll until Nov. 15 for a policy starting in January 2015. The Pima County Health Department will have a booth at the 4th Avenue Street Fair this weekend with information on how to sign up for health insurance through the exchange. With few exceptions, there are financial penalties, based on household income, for those who fail to obtain health insurance for themselves or their children. Learn more at

LA FERIA DE LA 4TA. AVENIDA DE LA PRIMAVERA - Hoy y hasta el domingo, 23 de marzo se llevara a cabo "La Feria de la 4ta. Avenida de la Primavera" en Tucson.  Dos veces al año se Tucson celebra la Ferias de la 4ta. Avenida, una en primavera y otra en el invierno. La feria que se llevará a cabo del 21-23 de marzo del 2014, de 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Fourth Avenue Merchants Association

DOWNLOAD APP TO REPORT GRAFFITI IN TUCSON - Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have a smartphone application for reporting graffiti. MyTucson is a free download on the iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android.
City of Tucson apps
Watch a University of Arizona PSA about the app


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