There is a growing recognition of the need for and benefit of more sustainable building design. Local developers and builders are voluntarily creating “green” projects—acknowledging not only the growing market demand for green buildings, but also the responsibility we all share to be stewards of our environment. 

Green building elements promote resource efficiency, the use of renewable and non-toxic building materials, and an overall reduction of the built environment’s impact on human heath and the natural environment. Green building practices include reducing energy use with energy efficient appliances and by utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar, reducing water use with low water use fixtures and appliances, and improving indoor air quality by using no VOC paints. These are just a few of the many elements you can incorporate to improve your home’s efficiency and impact on the environment. 

Principles of smart growth promote strategic placement of the built environment, compact development that preserves open space, and walkable communities where residents can access services without dependence on vehicles. Infill developments are a great way to support the smart growth of our community.

Explore the links below to learn more about Green Building and Smart Growth. Also visit the Energy and Climate Change page for more energy-saving information related to green building.

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