A healthy workforce is a businesses greatest asset and important as a contribution toward the sustainability of our community. Encouraging employee wellness and upholding fair and equitable labor practices increases productivity and individuals’ engagement in the community. Below are City codes and regulations that facilitate a healthy workforce, incentives for adopting sustainable workforce policies, and resources and programs to help you develop sustainable workforce programs.


Codes and Policies

Travel Reduction Program

This program is mandatory for employers who have more than 100 full-time equivalent employees at a single or contiguous work site. Employers with fewer than 100 employees can volunteer to participate in this program.

City of Tucson Living Wage

The Living Wage ordinance requires that employees of City contractors providing specified services to the City shall be paid a living wage by said contractors for the hours expended providing services to the City, and shall also be offered health insurance or compensated as provided under section 28-157(c).


Programs and Plans

Employee Carpooling

Sign-up for Rideshare/Carpooling through Pima Association of Governments

In Philadelphia, Richmond, Milwaukee, Seattle, and many other cities, employers are adding an appealing perk to their benefits packages. Transit vouchers buy rides on local trains and buses (and sometimes transit station parking). It's a strong inducement to public transportation use, and because it's tax free under IRS code, it costs less for companies than many other benefit options.

City of Tucson Employee City Cycle Program

The City Cycle Bike-Sharing Program provides City of Tucson employees with bicycles as an easy and healthy option for traveling to appointments. The bicycles can also be used for wellness rides.

City of Tucson Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

The programfocuses its efforts on activities that will improve the quality of bike-ped facilities, raise awareness about safety issues and laws, help to integrate bicycle and pedestrian planning into all city operations, and makes it easier and more logical to walk, or bike to your destination.

City of Tucson’s We Be Well Program

This program focuses on employee wellness by offering courses such as yoga and pilates, smoking cessation workshops, and Healthy Lunch-n-Learn events. The goals are to increase employees’ health and wellness.

City of Tucson’s Walkin’ to Wellness Program

This is a continuous year round program. Every 12 weeks participants log the number of miles walked at home, work or lunchtime. Incentives are given in mile goals of 25, 50, 150, 250, 350, and 450 miles. Miles that are walked are carried over the next 12 weeks. Participants who register will receive a pedometer and a logbook. Inside the logbook are measured trails in the downtown area and park trails through out Tucson.

Master Recyclers

Master Recyclers are specially-trained volunteers who give presentations about recycling to civic, neighborhood and other community groups, and who help City staff at outreach events. A Master Recycler is a trained expert on recycling in Tucson and is a valuable asset to Tucson and the planet! If you are interested in signing up for Master Recycler training, call 791-5000 or e-mail recycle@ci.tucson.az.us.


Resources and Technology

Setting Up a Home Office: Making Environmental Choices pdf (EPA)

Wellness Council of Arizona

Wellness Council of Arizona (WELCOAZ) strives to be the recognized leader and resource for worksite health promotion in Arizona. WELCOAZ collaborates with healthcare providers, community leaders, businesses and institutions to improve the health of employees and their families.

Wellness Council of America

As North America's premier resource for worksite wellness, the Wellness Council of America is dedicated to helping organizations of all kinds build and sustain results-oriented wellness programs.

UA Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition

The Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition (CPAN) at the University of Arizona is devoted to researching and understanding the long-term effects of physical activity and nutrition, and translating this research into effective community health and wellness programs for children, adolescents, and men and women of all ages.

American Heart Association – Start! Program

Workplace wellness boosts your employees’ productivity and helps them stay healthy. Become one of the American Heart Association’s Start! Fit-Friendly Companies and be recognized as a company that cares for its employees' health.

Employee Wellness Programs (from the Free Management Library)

Organizations are rapidly changing to accommodate expanding markets, increasing diverse workforce, and increasing public consciousness about how businesses should operate. Consequently, employee wellness programs are receiving increasing attention.



Pima Association of Governments (PAG)