Collaborating in neighborhoods to improve environmental health multiplies individual efforts. Talk with your neighbors about alternatives to traditional cleaning and gardening agents, and share ideas about making environmentally responsible product choices. Identify potentially hazardous areas in your community and develop a plan to make it safe. Explore these and other ideas below.

Host a neighborhood Household Hazardous Waste Day when neighbors can drop off their hazardous waste for proper disposal. Click here for information and contacts for hazardous waste drop-offs.

Collaborate to clean and remediate contaminated areas in your neighborhood.Many areas that are blighted and/or abandoned can be unsafe for the community. Identify potentially hazardous areas and work with neighbors to develop a plan to make it a safe, community asset.

The City of Tucson is a participant in the Arizona Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (BRLF) which provides 0% loan interest rate loans and grants to non-profit organizations. The funds can be used for remediation activities at properties with documented contamination and for the purchase of environmental insurance. Parties responsible for causing the contamination at the property are not eligible for this program. Click here to learn more about the City’s Brownfields Program.

Host a neighborhood clean-up day. Waste management isn’t just reducing how much you throw away, it’s also removing litter and making sure waste is properly disposed. Spend the morning with your neighbors picking up litter and keep your neighborhood looking beautiful. This will also keep harmful materials out of our stormwater drainage system and washes. Don’t forget to recycle the items you collect!

Share ideas about environmentally safe alternatives to traditional chemicals used in your home and garden. Lead a neighborhood project to compile a “recipe book” of ideas neighbors can share and use. Visit the Individual Actions page of this section for ideas to help get you started.

Learn from Community Models. People throughout the community are working together to make Tucson more sustainable. Learn from their projects and use the strategies in your neighborhood!