The goals of the Green Business Certification Program are to:

• Establish a credible benchmark for sustainable business practices.

• Provide technical support to businesses to evaluate their current resource consumption and operational practices.

• Promote the implementation of strategies for energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and pollution prevention, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from business operations.

• Connect businesses to financial resources for efficiency upgrades.

• Recognize businesses for their leadership in sustainable practices.



    Step 1: Application and Verification of Eligibility

    The Green Business Certification Program is a voluntary program providing businesses in Tucson technical expertise for reducing resource consumption and acknowledging these efforts. Businesses interested in participating will need to submit an application to verify that they meet the minimum requirements for participation:

    • Business must be located within City of Tucson limits

    • May be some industry limitations

      Step 2: Initial Meeting with Program Staff

      Once an application is submitted, staff will meet with the business representative(s) to discuss the requirements of the program and distribute program materials, including evaluation forms and action checklist. 

      Step 3: Collect Baseline Data

      An evaluation form must be completed for each of the three major program areas:

      • Energy

      • Water Use (WaterSmart Business Program)

      • Waste Reduction and Recycling

        Staff is available to assist with the evaluations upon request. Once evaluations are submitted, staff will meet with the business representative(s) to review the data and discuss strategies for achieving reductions in resource consumption.

        Step 4: Take Action

        Businesses must complete and submit the action checklist, and implement the strategies selected. Staff will connect businesses with existing financial assistance programs. 

        Step 5: Verification and Certification

        Program staff will verify that the required actions have been fulfilled and Certification will be awarded.

        Step 6: Annual Reporting

        An annual report must be submitted one year after certification is awarded. The purpose of the report is to verify the strategies implemented and measure decreases in resource consumption. After two years, businesses must re-apply to ensure they are still taking steps to operate sustainably.

        Recognizing Businesses

        In addition to technical expertise and assistance with baseline data collection, recognition as a sustainability leader in the community is an important incentive for business participation. Businesses will be recognized as a Certified Green Business in a number of ways:

        • Certificate and window decal identifying business as a Certified Green Business

        • Business listing on website directory

        • Annual awards ceremony

        • Other opportunities as they become available