A sustainable economy makes effective use of unique and valuable local resources, such as the beauty of the Sonoran desert and large quantities of sunshine, while respecting the limitations imposed by scarce or vulnerable resources such as water. A sustainable economy is one where money spend in the local economy circulates within the community and expenditures that leave the community are minimized. Embracing a strong local economy means promoting small, locally owned, resource efficient, and environmentally sensitive businesses. A sustainable economy enhances the intellectual, financial, technical, and social resources of the community and promotes human development in an equitable manner. In a sustainable economy, both jobs and potential for career growth are accessible to all residents; opportunities exist for the elderly and disabled, and for our youth to stay and build rewarding careers within the community. 

Explore the links below to learn about how you can support and enhance our local economy individually and with neighbors, issues facing our region and broader perspectives about sustainable economies. 

You can also use the following links to learn about Green Jobs and Green Business in Government, in the Community, and for your Business.

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