There are many ways your neighborhood can collaborate to support a strong local economy by promoting small, locally owned, resource efficient, and environmentally sensitive businesses. Explore the ideas below and visit the Individual Actions page of this section for more ways you and your neighbors can make our economy stronger.

Shop at local businesses in your neighborhood. A sustainable economy is one where money paid within the local economy circulates within the community and expenditures that leave the community are minimized. Studies have shown that more money spent at locally-owned businesses remains in the community than money spent at national chains. (Read the Andersonville study by Civic Economics) Walk with neighbors to have dinner or to shop at local businesses nearby and support the local economy and save transportation greenhouse gas emissions!

Tucson’s Most Walkable Neighborhoods (WalkScore)

Get your neighborhood’s WalkScore and find businesses nearby.

4th Avenue Merchants Association

Formed in 1974 the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (FAMA) is comprised of member merchants from the Fourth Avenue Historic Shopping District (the area between 9th St.; University Blvd.; 5th Ave.; and 3rd Ave). FAMA supports programs of a civic, social, cultural or artistic nature that are designed to increase the function and aesthetic values of the community, and also economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the economic potential of North Fourth Avenue.

Campbell Avenue Business Partnership

The Campbell Avenue Business Partnership is an advocacy group working in concert with neighborhood groups and local government to provide for economic growth and to preserve the local character of our community.

Tucson Originals

Formed in 1999, the Tucson Originals have been the driving force and model for similar groups all across America who are working to preserve the culinary spirit of their communities. With the rapid rise of chain eateries, this alliance has helped many of Tucson’s signature restaurants survive and thrive. Search their database to find locally-owned restaurants. 

Bring a farmers’ market into your neighborhood or shop with neighbors at an existing market in your area.

Click here for a list of Farmers’ Markets in the Tucson area.