Best Practices to Develop Solar Energy: Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs

Studies have shown that the non-hardware balance-of-system (BOS) costs of residential PV systems – often referred to as the “soft costs” – account for as much as 47% of total installed system cost for residential PV systems. Of these soft costs, customer acquisition and system design costs have been estimated to account for up to 11% of these soft costs. But several groups are working to reduce these costs — finding innovative ways to market solar energy while reducing the costs passed on to the customers. Find out how these programs reduce costs while providing a benefit to their community, and learn ways that your community can promote solar.

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation and promoting solar use can provide communities with a tangible economic development benefit.


Brian F. Keane - Cracking the Code on Residential Solar Power - From the AZ Challenge to Solarize President, SmartPower 

Sara Baldwin - Salt Lake Community Solar Senior Policy & Regulatory Associate, Utah Clean Energy

Kevin Armstrong - Solar Benefits Tucson Results & Lessons Project Manager, GroupEnergy - Vote Solar Initiative

Wayne Greenberg - Dramatically Reducing Costs/Time in the Solar Sales Cycle Using Sun Number™ Scores CEO, Sun number, LLC


Who Should Attend?  Planning & Zoning Administrators, Elected & Appointed Officials, Bank & Credit Union Officers, Business Owners, Solar Installers, Sustainability Staff


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