Connecting with your neighbors is important for a safe community and for increasing our social capital. By working together, neighbors can achieve common goals that improve the community and connect resources that may otherwise go unused.

Collaborate with Neighbors through a Neighborhood Association or Homeowners Association. NAs and HOAs provide a great forum for getting to know your neighbors and for working together to make your neighborhood a safer and more vibrant place to live.

View existing Neighborhood Associations and learn how to establish one in your neighborhood.

Develop a Neighborhood Plan or Update an Existing Plan. Organizing to improve your neighborhood is key for progress. Network and collaborate with your neighbors to define common goals and plan projects. Consider developing a Sustainability Plan to achieve waste, energy, and water reduction goals. Look for ways to share needs, such as carpooling. Your plan does not need to be adopted by the City to be effective—all it takes is dedication and collaboration among neighbors to be a success!

View existing Neighborhood Plans adopted by the City of Tucson.

PRO Neighborhoods

PRO offers both small grants and technical assistance for neighborhood projects. They assist groups working together to mobilize and build upon existing talents and resources within the community.

Host a Neighborhood Event. Finding ways to get out and meet your neighbors strengthens community ties and makes neighborhoods safer. Celebrate your neighborhood’s history, culture, and project successes. Here are some other ideas:

• National Night Out event

• 4th of July neighborhood or block party/parade

• Neighborhood yard sale/craft fair

    Help Your Neighbors. Establish neighborhood programs to help neighbors in need of services. Residents in Ward 3 established a program called Lend-A-Hand, where neighbors volunteer to help elderly and disabled neighbors with household chores, shopping, or just a friendly conversation. 

    Start a Neighborhood Watch Program. Take part in the security of your community. Even if you think your neighborhood is safe, it can’t hurt to get people outside walking and talking to each other. Prevention is also a great benefit of neighborhood watch.

    National Neighborhood Watch Institute

    NNWI has been dedicated to supplying excellent crime-fighting material since 1982. Within our web site you'll find information on our complete line of crime prevention materials.

    National Crime Prevention Council

    Tools and resources to help you start or maintain a neighborhood watch program.