Meeting the demands of a changing global economy requires creativity and an emphasis on economic vitality rather than on growth for growth’s sake. A sustainable economy is dynamic and adaptive and thus able to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. Local industries and educational institutions can support this by staying on the cutting-edge of emerging scientific, technological, and knowledge-based fields. Opportunities are also maximized when there is regional cooperation and collaboration among governments and between private and public sectors. Leadership is required on both the part of government and the private sector.

City Departments

Budget & Research
The Department of Budget and Research’s mission is to ensure effective and efficient allocation of resources by working with the Mayor and Council, City Manager, and city departments and offices to provide the highest levels of services to the residents of Tucson.

Finance Department
The Finance Department’s mission is to provide financial services and controls in support of a complex governmental organization and maintain the financial integrity of the city.


Advisory Committees

Mayor and Council Economic and Workforce Development Subcommittee 

Minority and Women Business Enterprise Commission (MWBEC)

Monitor local practices and policies which may have discriminatory impact on minority and women-owned businesses in the contracting and procurement of construction, goods, and general services, as well as professional services. Monitor the effectiveness of the City's Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise Program in increasing minority and women-owned businesses participation in City contracts.

Small Business Commission (SBC)

Facilitates communication between the City and small businesses.


City Plans, Codes, and Programs

Adopted Budget Fiscal Years 2010

City of Tucson Financial Sustainability Plan

In April 2006 Mayor and Council approved the city’s first Financial Sustainability Plan. The City of Tucson Financial Sustainability Plan consolidates the city’s strategic priorities, long-term plans, and financial projections into a single service and financial plan. It identifies future service levels consistent with the strategic priorities and the resources required to provide those services.

City of Tucson General Plan, Element 13: Economic Development

Through economic diversification, a broader tax base will position the area for long-term benefits and economic stability. In a spirit of cooperation, regional economic development activities will be coordinated and logical development strategies identified to address more intense economic development efforts.

City of Tucson Business License and Tax Information

Through this site you can apply for a new Tucson business license, file a sales tax return, pay license fees and taxes due, review account information, and contact tax and license representatives for help with any questions you may have.


Other Government Departments/Programs

Pima County Department of Finance and Risk Management

Arizona Department of Revenue

Arizona Department of Commerce

Through leadership and collaborative partnerships, our mission is to create vibrant communities and a globally competitive Arizona economy.

Arizona Department of Economic Security

The DES website can connect to services such as food assistance, health care, and child protective services.

EPA for Businesses and Non-Profits

EPA gateway for information about environmental issues, programs, climate change, and sustainability related to businesses.



Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities (TREO)

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing region, Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc. (TREO) was formed in 2005 to serve as the lead economic development agency for the greater Tucson area and its surrounding community partners.

TREO Economic Blueprint website

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

THCC’s mission is to drive economic development while advancing Hispanic Businesses & providing access to the Hispanic market.

Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

The Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest autonomous chambers of commerce in Arizona and represents approximately 2,000 businesses with more than 110,000 employees in the greater Tucson area. Small businesses make up 90 percent of the Chamber’s membership.

Tucson-Southern Arizona Black Chamber of Commerce

We are a dynamic integrated organization purposed to promote business in the Tucson community. We have several major events annually, involving business and youth to the betterment of the entire community.

Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce

The Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce will direct its efforts at promoting the common economic interests of all members and advocate a community based on ecologically sound policies and sustainable actions. 

Southern Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce

The SAZHCC exists at the confluence of traditional business principles, holistic practices, and green living. We are an organization that promotes and advances the idea that a truly sustainable business requires a holistic approach to decision making and business operations.

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona
The focus of our Chamber is to provide a format for American Indian entrepreneurs to promote their business, for corporations to connect with American Indian businesses, to act as a liaison on tribal economic development issues and to offer the best in resources, training and networking for the American Indian business.

Pima Association of Governments (PAG) Economic Snapshots

The following data provides an economic snapshot of the region in the areas of Population, Housing/Construction, Transportation, Environment, Employment, Education, Quality of Life, Health, Taxes, Tourism.

Pima Community College Small Business Support

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Pima College's Small Business Development Center provides high-impact consulting and training to companies with one to 200 employees in any type of business.

The University of Arizona Office of Economic Development (OED) is the focal point for strategic and policy development initiatives related to economic development. Its activities promote local, state and regional economic development, support technology development and commercialization, and facilitate the creation of international economic partnerships.

Arizona Association for Economic Development

AAED is a working organization that utilizes volunteers from its membership to form committees and achieve objectives. It is through this active involvement that the volunteer member recognizes the real benefit of association in this important organization. 

U.S. Small Business Administration

The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, SBA delivers its services to people throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam.