City Vision

The City has made waste reduction a priority for improving internal operations. Transporting and managing waste requires the use of energy and valuable water resources. Reducing the waste we put into this system will reduce the load on our landfill system, and conserve energy and water resources. 

Waste reduction requires a multi-pronged approach involving a reduction in the amount of waste that is generated, promotion of recyclable materials, education and outreach efforts to increase recycling rates, and the use of recycled content materials in City operations. The City continues to grow its collaborative efforts with Tucson Clean and Beautiful in the areas of litter clean-up, waste prevention and recycling – both direct action, education and outreach. The successful Adopt-a-Park litter cleanup program is one such initiative.

Mayor and Council recently endorsed the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement, which includes goals for increasing recycling rates. The City is dedicated to increasing recycling within City operations as a piece of our greater vision for a more sustainable community.

Waste related elements of the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement:

• Increase recycling rates.

    This page is dedicated to providing information about the City of Tucson’s departments, codes, plans, programs, and resources related to Waste Reduction.



    City Departments

    Environmental Services
    Environmental Services provides Tucson citizens and businesses with waste collection and disposal. Other services include:

    • Recycling and waste reduction services;

    • Operating the City's Los Reales Landfill in compliance with State and Federal regulations;

    • Cleaning up groundwater at old landfills;

    • Ensuring that the City's Air quality and industrial waste discharge permits are up-to-date and in compliance with regulations.

      Tucson Recycles

      Recycling Info Line: 791-5000

      Customer Service: 791-3171

      Do More Blue



      Advisory Committees

      Environmental Services Advisory Committee (ESAC)
      Serves in an advisory role to the Environmental Services Department relating to planning, design and implementation of programs and services.



      City Plans, Codes and Programs

      Tucson Recycles
      Weekly curbside recycling collection is offered to single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and small businesses with plastic container garbage service. This website has information about how and what to recycle, educational programs and materials, and waste reduction programs.

      Tucson/Pima County Household Hazardous Waste Program

      Common household and automotive products become a hazard to the environment when disposed of improperly. Leftover quantities of these products should never be poured down the drain, put in the trash, or stored for excessive periods of time. This webpage provides information about how and where to dispose of hazardous products.

      Waste Reduction Programs including:
      Classroom presentations
      Master Recyclers



      Other Government Programs

      Pima County Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations (pdf)

      ADEQ Waste Reduction Assistance

      EPA Region 9 Waste Programs
       (includes Arizona)




      Tucson Clean and Beautiful
      Tucson Clean & Beautiful conducts environmental volunteer programs in waste reduction and recycling, land stewardship, urban forestry, and beautification. 

      Recycle Arizona
      Are you confused about who recycles, what can be recycled, and where it can be recycled? Recycle Arizona provides valuable information on recycling (and also solar power) in Arizona as well general recycling information.

      EPA Materials and Waste Exchanges
      Materials and waste exchanges are markets for buying and selling reusable and recyclable commodities. This website provides a state-by-state listing of waste exchanges in your area.