Everybody knows what precious resource water is in Tucson and in the southwest region. One of the most important connections to make when managing for water sustainability is: energy use is water use. Because it takes water to create energy and it takes energy to deliver water, water and energy use inextricably connected. For example, each gallon of gasoline used requires about 1,000 gallons of water to produce.

Making lifestyle changes and taking steps to conserve water and energy can have a real impact on the sustainability of our water resources. There are many steps we can take to conserve our water resources. Explore the categories below to learn about ways to reduce water use individually and in your homes, in neighborhoods, and regionally. You can also learn about agencies and organizations working on water issues and about policies and regulations regarding water. 

Also visit the Energy and Climate ChangeGreen Building and Smart Growth, and Nature and Food pages for more water-related information.

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